The New Microsoft Surface Book Now Available For Rent!

The Microsoft Surface Book is the latest product to come from the Windows developer. The Surface Book is the first ever laptop from Microsoft and comes in five variations:

  • 128GB / Core Intel i5 – 8GB
  • 256GB / Core Intel i5 – 8GB
  • 256GB / Core Intel i5 – 8GB / dGPU
  • 256GB / Core Intel i7 – 8GB / dGPU
  • 512GB / Core Intel i7 – 16GB / dGPU

The Surface Book comes with Windows 10 Pro and can run programs like Adobe Creative Cloud, Citrix, AutoCAD, and Visual Studio, among others. A new, optimized version of Microsoft Office has been loaded onto the Surface Book that allows you to directly write on web pages with Microsoft’s Surface Pen in Microsoft’s Edge Browser.

For more information on getting a Microsoft Surface Book Rental for your business or event contact today by calling 800-736-8772, texting 908-485-7368, emailing, or visiting our website for a direct Microsoft Surface Book Rental Quote!


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