Internet Of Things – Expo 2016 – New York City – At A Glance

The Internet of Things Expo is one of the biggest events dealing with personal and enterprise IT. According to major research estimates that there will be tens of billions of computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices connected to the internet by the year 2020. The major embracement of IoT strategies by some of the biggest tech companies and startups in the world make this the perfect time to attend the Internet of Things expo.

Expanded Tracks

At this year’s Internet of Things Expo there will be a bunch of different tracks that attendees will be able to attend. These 8 different information-packed tracks are:

  • Big Data’s Use in IoT & Analytics
  • Smart Grids & Industrial “Internet of Things”
  • Show Me the Money! – IoT Developer Track
  • Wearables & Consumer IoT
  • Vertical “Internet of Things” Markets
  • Identity in IoT, RTC & WebRTC
  • Node.js & Event-Driven Architecture
  • Modern Data Centers

Overall there are 80 breakout sessions. This will include Keynotes, General Sessions, and Power Panels all spread out of the course of the three-day event.

The Best Keynotes, Sessions, Faculty, and Delegates

When it comes to the future of computing, these things are vital. Computers are in almost every single facet of our lives. The Internet of Things Expo will look at the challenges in getting from where we are today to where we will be in the future. This event is one that any senior technologist, CEO, CIO, CTO, director of infrastructure, VPs of technology, IT directors, IT managers, network managers, storage managers, network engineers, enterprise architects, communications specialists, networking specialists, or other employees should definitely attend.


There are obviously many things that are a part of the Internet of Things Expo, including data collection and analytics, wearables, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, the Industrial Internet, and more. Platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel’s Galileo and Edison, and a diverse world of sensors are making the Internet of Things Expo a fantastic sandbox for developers. The Power Panel in the video above sees panelists discussing what is most important, which will have the most profound effect on the world, and what we should expect to see over the next couple of years.

Themes and Topics at Internet of Things Expo

Consumer IoT – Wearables, Smart Appliances, Smart Cars, Smartphones 2.0, Automation, Smart Travel, Personal Fitness, Health Care, Personalized Marketing, Customized Shopping, Personal Finance, The Digital Divide, Mobile Cash & Markets, Games & The IoT, The Future of Education, Virtual Reality.

Enterprise IoT – The Business Case for IoT, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Smart Transportation, The Smart Home, M2M, Authentication/Security, Writing the IoT, The Internet of Everything, Digital Transformation of Enterprise IT, Agriculture, Transportation, Manufacturing, Local & State Government, Federal Government.

IoT Developers / WebRTC Summit – Eclipse Foundation, Cloud Foundry, Linux Containers, Node-Red, Open Source Hardware, Ajax & The IoT, Leveraging SOA, Multi-Cloud IoT, Evolving Standards, WebSockets, Security & Privacy Protocols, GPS & Proximity Services, Bluetooth/RFID/etc, XMPP, Nest Labs.

Angular 2 Workshop

Angular 2 is a complete re-write of the popular framework AngularJS. Programming in Angular 2 has been extremely simplified. It is now a component-based well-performing framework. The immersive one-day workshop is led by Yakov Fain, a Java Champion and co-founder of the IT consultancy Farata Systems and the product company SuranceBay. This workshop will provide attendees with everything they need to know about Angular 2.

This workshop will include:

  • Overview of the Angular 2 architecture
  • Intro to Typescript
  • Getting familiar with a sample Auction application
  • Angular 2 project setup with npm
  • Angular 2 data binding, dependency injection, and routing
  • Reactive programming with Observables
  • Data exchange using HTTP and WebSocket protocols
  • Authenticating users via social networks with OAuth 2
  • Using a NoSQL cloud data store for saving and retrieving data
  • Bundling and deploying the Auction application on the cloud

When and Where is the Internet of Things Expo?

There are actually 2 different Internet of Things events that are happening in 2016, an East event and a West event. The first event will take place from June 7th to June 9th at the Javits Center in New York City. The second event will take place from November 1st through November 3rd at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Registrations include:

  • Gold Pass Registration – Full conference access for three days to all conference sessions. $1,900 Early Bird Price (expires 3/31/2016), $2,000 Early Bird Price (expires 4/30/2016), $2,100 Early Bird Price (expires 5/31/2016), $2,200 Early Bird Price (expires 6/6/2016). $2,500 On-Site Price.
  • Explo Plus Registration – Attendance to three technical sessions per day. $300 Early Bird Price (expires 3/31/2016). $600 On-Site Price.
  • Creating Angular 2 Clients for the Cloud Workshop – Worksop registration for the one-day Angular 2 workshop. $350 Early Bird Price (expires 3/31/2016). $500 On-Site Price.
  • Keynotes and Expo Floor – Attend all keynotes, vendor technology presentations, SYS-Con.TV, PowerPanels, Day 1 Welcome Reception, Expo Floor access, and refreshment breaks. $0 Early Bird Price (expires 3/31/2016. Use discount code KEYNOTESEXPOMARCH). $300 On-Site Price.

You can register online at the expo’s webpage here.

* is not affiliated with nor in any way authorized by the Internet of Things Expo 2016, the Javits Center, or the Santa Clara Convention Center. is an independent nationwide technology rental provider and this information in no way implies affiliation to the event or venues described above. 

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