The 2016 Offshore Technology Conference At A Glance

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is an annual event where energy professionals can meet to exchange ideas and opinions in order to advance scientific and technical knowledge for offshore resources. OTC offers access to leading-edge technical information along with the industry’s largest equipment and valuable new professional contacts from around the world. The Offshore Technology Conference has large, international participation that provides excellent opportunities for global sharing of technology, expertise, products, and best practices. In addition to that, OTC gathers together industry leaders, investors, buyers, and entrepreneurs in order to develop markets and business partnerships.

Why Should I Attend OTC 2016?

If you are an energy professional or are in that industry, then the Offshore Technology Conference is an event that you won’t want to miss. But don’t just take it from me, here’s a list of a few reasons you should attend OTC 2016:

  • Quality: Technical program selected by knowledgeable and experienced professionals.
  • Value: See ground-breaking innovations and meet the leading providers of products and services in just four days.
  • Convenience: 174 non-stop flights, world-class venues and hotels, and nearby public transportation.
  • Easy to Plan: Always the first full week of May every year.
  • Networking: More than 90,000 professionals from 130+ countries in attendance.
  • In the World’s Energy Capital: Combine OTC with client meetings, business proposals, and company training.
  • Investing Back in the Indsutry: OTC’s sponsoring organizations use revenue to provide many other important programs for its members, such as training and technical journals.
  • Always Something New: Encounter different languages being spoken, never-before-seen technologies, and C-suite speakers that you might not hear anywhere else.

d5: The Next Big Thing

d5 is an OTC event that is designed to spark creativity and innovation in the offshore energy industry. The event brings together the brightest minds across multiple industries for talks that inspire participants to discover unique connections and solutions. Anyone who is an offshore industry tec executive, middle-level technical practioners, R&D managers, entrepreneurs, active young professionals, and those involved in academia would benefit greatly from attending the d5 event at this year’s OTC.

Technical Program

The OTC 2016 technical program covers a wide range of topics that are related to the offshore energy industry. OTC offers key insights by global experts on technological advances, safety, and environmentally focused solutions along with economic and regulatory impacts. Technical highlights of the event include:

  • Continued Operations: Addressing the current cost of oil, continued operation of aging fields and hardware, improved production, oil reservoir production, cost controls and better paplications for renewable energy offshore. All of this is done in an effort to better place oil prices in line with the current market.
  • New And Emerging Markets: The opening of the Mexican market via the Gulf of Mexico has sparked a lot of interest, which is expected to be sustained for the immediate future.
  • Current Environment: Topics which have relevance in today’s offshore atmosphere, including imput by key middle-eastern oil giants, and bringing oil prices better in line with today’s market.
  • Protecting Our Resources: Taking a look at cyber-security, tools for process safety, and other risk-management.
  • Looking Back To Move Forward: Foundational areas of the offshore industry are observed as well as areas that are considered to have impacts on future developments.

Get Employer Support

Looking for some tips on getting your employer to support your attendance to OTC 2016? These can help:

  • Prepare and deliver a short presentation to your colleagues to share what you learned. By doing this you can pass along the benefits of your attendance to the other people on your team.
  • Explain what you think you will get out of attending and how this new knowledge will benefit your company.
  • Create a plan that details who will cover for you while you are attending the conference.
  • Offer to bunk up with a friend or colleague in order to reduce hotel expenses and/or utilize OTC’s complimentary hotel shuttle service at official hotels to avoid renting a car.
  • Take some handouts from presenters and materials from exhibiting companies to share with your colleagues.
  • Are you a member of one of OTC’s sponsoring, endorsing, or supporting organizations? If so then you can take advantage of a discounted registration, further decreasing costs.
  • Inform your employer that you will have the opportunity to meet with clients before, during, and after OTC 2016, maximizing your time spent at the event.

Additional Important Information

Registration and hotel accommodations are currently available. To ensure a secure conference a photo ID (passport or driver’s license) is required to pick up your conference badge. If you want to purchase tickets for events or luncheons then you can do so at the registration counters until an event is sold out. Once an event is sold out, a wait list will be started and/or tickets will be sold at the door. Food is not guaranteed 20 minutes past the event start time.

The Offshore Technology Conference will take place at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas from May 2nd through May 5th, 2016 and you can find out more information about the event on it’s website.

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