Helping Event Planning Professionals – An iPad Case Study

Here at, we see you as a partner. Therefore, it is in our own best interest to protect and improve your standing with your customer. We take pride in bolstering your amazing integrity, friendliness, and commitment through our service.

When you have a client crisis, don’t panic! We understand that some things are beyond your control. We can help you meet your technology demands, so that your event will be a success.

Recently, a corporate event planner had placed a large quantity iPad rental order, an order of 200 iPads to be exact, for scientists attending a conference to discuss medical breakthroughs. At the last minute, his client contacted him requesting an additional 150 iPads.

The event planner then contacted, and we reassured him that this would not be a problem. The client needed 150 iPads and 3 charging stations. Not only were we able to provide the additional 150 iPads and charging stations needed for this event, we also shipped 30 extra iPads, at no cost to the customer.’s onsite tech guaranteed setup, operation, and pack up at the end of the event were  stress-free experiences. As your partner, we hope to embrace the advantages that come from combining our knowledge and expertise with yours.

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