5 Creative Marketing Uses of AR & VR Technology


When you think of Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR) your mind probably quickly shifts to some sort of gaming application. Young users moving through a maze to collect points or destroy objects. But this year, this technology will be used for much more than gaming as creative marketing executives find ways to visually tell their story.


Pokémon Go is a perfect example. While it has been utilized by mostly by Gen Zers, it can easily transition over to a more mature gaming crowd. And with new updates coming out later this week, this application may see an even larger surge of interest in the mature marketplace.

But what about other examples? Here are some real-life ways firms are using this bleeding-edge technology to introduce their products and services to new customers.

Company Methods Worth Considering


Rather than having you come into a dealership, Volvo allows users to test drive the XC90 SUV down country backroads, all without leaving the trade show floor. Volvo feels this is a passive way for potential new customers to experience the ins and outs of a Volvo without the need for a car salesman. They also are trying to reach potential clients that might have felt intimidated stepping into the dealership because of the Volvo’s price point.


When children are finished with their Happy Meals in Sweden, they can play a skiing game called Slope Stars as a reward for visiting McDonald’s.

London Fashion Week 2017

At this 5-day event, users with VR equipment stream 360-degree video of what is going on at the show to remote attendees around the world. This is a great way to drive interest to potential attendees for future events and for media outlets who cannot afford to come to the event.


They created a VR marketing program called TrailScape which allows users to walk around as if they were hiking and explore the mountainside, with tactile elements such as rope walkways and shaking wooden planks underfoot driving the immersive nature of the VR gear to the absolute max.


Has developed a Teleporter initiative, which takes guests on virtual trips to London and Hawaii. They also have a program where hotel guests can try VR tech by ordering it via room service.
“If there was ever a technology made for travel, it’s Virtual Reality (VR). (However), not everything should be VR. There has to be a purpose behind it. We’re aiming to take people to places they normally can’t go to (and) give them access to experiences they normally couldn’t access,” stated Marc Battaglia, Creative Director: Global Creative + Content Marketing at Marriott International.

Other Avenues of Interest

VR has only scratched the surface with applications. Forbes thinks that the following organizations will utilize it often when more applications are available:

· Space exploration
· Classroom teaching
· Live music promoters
· Entertainment

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