Asked and Answered: 10 Questions You Sometimes Forget to Ask

Renting technology for your next event or business project can seem stressful; as you need to obtain the right equipment at the right time for the right price. We usually find that after many of our clients have concluded their inquiry or signed the contract, questions they should have asked some time before come flooding into their minds.

In order to avoid additional stress and back and forth questioning, here is a cheat sheet of the type of questions you should ask any AV rental or PC rental vendor you are evaluating.


Your Questions and Our Answers

1. What is your minimum rental period?

One day is’s minimum required rental period.

2. What is the maximum rental period?

12 months. Beyond 12 months, you should consider a lease arrangement or purchase the equipment outright.

3. What if I want to extend the contract?

Not a problem! All you need to do is call our office and let us know how much longer you need the equipment and we will send over an addendum to the contract. Once signed, the equipment will remain with you until the end of the addendum.

4. Are there any advantages to long-term rentals?

The short answer is yes. Every month you rent from us you will receive a slight monthly discount. However, the terms of our agreement must be in the best interest of your organization. For example, it doesn’t do you any good to have a six-month contract if you only have a known use for four months (i.e. accounting firms, legal cases). Work closely with one of our account executives to determine the right contract term for you.

5. Can I purchase the equipment at the end of the rental?

Often this depends on the equipment. If the technology is new and in high demand, chances are the answer is no. However, if the equipment is older and we do not see it being rented too many more times, we can give you a quote on the purchase price. Just ask!

6. What is your delivery and pickup policy?

We will deliver the equipment and pick it up within a one-hour window of the time specified.

7. What is your policy about spares and repairs?

If our technician stays onsite during your meeting, we will carry equipment spares in a truck or have them in the room. If the equipment needs to be repaired and we are not onsite, we will bring a replacement to your business or meeting as soon as we can get a truck on the road.

8. How do I know I am renting the right equipment?

If you have rented the same equipment, year-after-year, spend some time with our account executive to determine if there are better options available for your meeting or organization. Technology changes every 12-18 months and with new changes, you can wow your attendees and employees in ways that are not possible with older options.

9. Why shouldn’t I just use Meetings in a Box?

There are a lot of reasons to avoid this method, for example:

a. Your PC may be incompatible with the equipment they send you

b.There is no onsite support, just a telephone number

c. If the equipment fails, you have no backup

d. You have to pull, push and carry over 50 pounds of equipment to the event

e. You are responsible for returning the equipment within one day of the event

10. How do I know the vendor is responsible and reliable?

Here are some simple ways to find out if a vendor is a reliable business partner:

a. Ask them for three references

b. Find out how long they have been in business

c. Visit their physical location (if it makes sense to do so)

d. Understand how many technicians they have on staff

e. Call the organizations they are affiliated with and check their record

f. Check on employee turnover Wants to Work with You! specializes in procuring technology for temporary needs and has over 30 years of experience working with a variety of clients. Our staff can provide the technology you need and have it delivered and installed on time. Give us a call at 800-736-8772 to learn about more ways we can help you!

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