Why you Should Choose Rentacomputer.com as your Premier Event Supplier

At Rentacomputer, we are often trusted with small meetings or single product fulfillment orders (i.e. AV for your breakout rooms or hundreds of iPads). But did you know that we can do so much more for you and save you money along the way?

Here are the 5 reasons why you should consider Rentacomputer.com as your premier supplier when it comes to technology rentals for your next meeting or event.

A formal event being held in a medium sized venue.

1. We sweat the small stuff

With every client, small or large, we spend a lot of time making sure the most creative, innovative and cost-effective technology solution is provided to them. Our staff is courteous and flexible — taking nothing for granted.

2. We welcome your vetting

When you are thinking about going larger on an event rental order you might be a bit nervous. Since we don’t want you to be nervous, our management recommends that you do the following:

  1.       Obtain at least three referrals from our account executive of projects that are the same size as yours
  2.       Ask for our certificate of insurance covering an event of your size
  3.       Find out about the educational level and experience of our technicians
  4.       Read our online reviews on Google.

3. We have suggestions

Since we have been part of the event rental industry for the last 30 years, our staff have some creative ideas for your next event. If you need, we can provide you with suggestions in the areas of sound system rentals and lighting equipment rentals – just to mention two of the many event areas we cover!

4. We are a national carrier.

Rather than negotiate several contracts in several cities, why not negotiate one contract that will cover all of your meetings for the next 18-24 months? This will save you oodles of time and a give you a larger discount because your total spent will be much larger.

5. We will work within your budget parameters.

Give us a budget range for each of your events and we can provide you with the right equipment to meet that budget. Want an idea about cost? Go to our price page now.

Give Rentacomputer.com a Try

Rentacomputer.com is a meeting equipment rental organization whose staff is ready and willing to earn your business. From small meetings to large conventions, we respond quickly to client and prospect needs. Give us a call at 800-736-8772 to speak to one of our experienced Account Executives.


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