The Who and How of Connecting iPads and iPhones to Event Monitors

Whether you are presenting or attending an event, sometimes your nine to twelve-inch screen is just too small. In addition, the large presentation screens on stage are too far away for you to see the speaker or PowerPoint presentation.

A pesentation in front of a small classroom

You, along with your fellow attendees, require a solution that provides the right balance between the small and large screen. Lucky for you, there is such a resolution! Whether you are a presenter, event organizer or audience member, I have highlighted the technical suggestions provided by PC Magazine with the meeting applicability offered by me.

Breakout Session or Small Meeting

If you want to connect your iPad or iPhone directly into the monitor, there are a few options available. Apple has a Lightning Digital AV adaptor that, coupled with a standard HDMI cable, can provide a second screen image on the large monitor, but is limited to 1080p HD. There are also inclusive, third-party lightning port to HDMI cables that support this functionality.


This option is best for a speaker who wishes to show apps, presentations and websites on a lower resolution television rental unit.

Larger Session with Multiple TVs

Connecting a speaker’s Apple device wirelessly to one or multiple TVs, is a a good second screen option for users. If it is an Apple TV, you connect directly through the Wi-Fi system. With other monitors, you’ll need to work with an experienced AV supplier to determine the best choice.


Even though you can stream music and video with this option, if the network is crowded with other traffic, buffering may occur. In order to avoid this problem, you may wish to invest in a hotspot rental.


Connecting Attendees Together

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) allows connection between your iPhone/iPad and other DLNA-compatible devices to seamlessly stream data between them. You can share photos, videos, and DLNA apps seamlessly.


This is very useful if you have a group of attendees who need to see the same information simultaneously. Good examples are a CEO’s video message, company product launch or internal training session.

Streaming to the Masses

Use a Google Chromecast Ultra. This unit has a built-in Ethernet adapter so you can enjoy smooth streaming over a wired connection onto a 4K Ultra HD TV rentals with minimal buffering.  A iPad or iPhone acts as a remote control, accessing the apps you want to play on the TV.


This is perfect for speakers who have YouTube videos and want to show them at your meeting. Has the Right Equipment to Connect Your Devices

We provide Apple devices like ipads and ipod touch’s, TVs and other event technology rentals for conventions, trade shows, trainings, and meetings! No matter where your event is held, can help provide you with the right solution for second screen initiatives! Call us at 800-736-8772 to speak with one of our technical representatives!

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