4 Eco-Friendly Event Planning Tips That Will Save You Money

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When you’re planning a major event like a trade show or professional conference, the waste can add up fast. Paper sign-in sheets and itineraries, food waste, and disposable booth displays all contribute to a reputation for your event that’s, well, not so green.

The good news is that while you can’t streamline every aspect of your event, technology rentals can help you reduce the amount of waste that you create and support the ongoing protection of the environment that we all share. Here are 4 event planning tips to ensure a “green” event.

1. Let Go of That Sign-In Sheet

Have you ever wondered why we’re in the age of information, and yet event check-ins rarely stray from the method of a person sitting at a desk with a sign-in sheet? This may seem small in context, but at a large enough event, rosters and check-in sheets can number into the triple digits, creating a whole lot of waste for an event. iPad kiosk rentals can save you not only all the wasted paper, but can speed up the process, reducing your need for costly check-in staff.

2. That Paper Itinerary, Too

While we’re at it, why not eliminate all the paper used at your event? Rather than use paper sign-in sheets and paper schedules, find someone tech-savvy on your team to create an app for your event. Attendees can sign in with their app using a unique event code, receive messages about the schedule, up-to-the-minute updates and reminders about upcoming features,

Not only does this eliminate waste from your event, it allows your attendees to have the luxury of not worrying about carrying around a small book’s worth of paper and worry about the things that really matter: the subject of the conference.

Side note: if it’s not feasible to create a custom app for your event, don’t worry. There is a huge variety of options for event apps that have templates you can use for your event.

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3. Poster Board Is Out, Screens Are In

For years, people have been going to events, looking at booth displays on poster-board and then walking away. Owners of these displays use them through the duration of the event, and then throw them away, because really, who wants to store a huge piece of foam core, poster board, or cardboard between events when you could just print a new one each time?

Why not take a different approach next time, using eco-friendly technology? Give your presenters access to tablets on which they can perform more immersive demonstrations of their product or service. It will benefit you by reducing waste, and your presenters by allowing them to get more face time with interested potential clients.

4. Rent the Equipment You Need

No matter what technology you need to complete your green event planning, don’t buy computers, tablets, and smartphones that you’re only going to need for a week. Instead, rent them, saving you money and reducing strain on the environment.

How does this work? Here’s the simple explanation: every time someone purchases a piece of technology, the supply chain is signaled to manufacture a new one, creating more waste when devices are only being used for one or a few events.

On the other hand, green technology rentals are utilized many times more than purchased devices, and demand for rentals typically does not create a signal to produce more devices. This means that a fewer number of devices need to be produced to satisfy the same need, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing.

We can provide local delivery for devices, nationwide, reducing the need for shipping the devices long distances to conferences.

Rentacomputer.com can fulfill your green event planning needs, from laptops, mobile devices, iPads and tablets, even 4G wireless card rentals.  We can provide local delivery, nationwide, reducing the need for shipping devices long distances to your event, helping you run a more environmentally-friendly event.


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