Tablets with Barcode Scanners Make Inventory Management a Breeze

A tablet being used to scan a barcode

Managing your company’s portfolio of products can be a nightmare if it’s a mostly manual process and you must hire temps to complete the task. There is a better way. Arming each warehouse employee with a rugged mobile device rental and scanner can save time and money when completing this arduous process.

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To use bar-coding effectively, requires:

  • Bar-code on each piece of inventory that clearly identifies what it is
  • Lightweight, easy to use computing device, such as a Surface Pro or tablet
  • Robust and flexible barcoding app on each computer
  • Scanner for every unit
  • Centralized server where all employees can view product inventory, 24/7

A worker with a tablet looking through inventory

Barcode Scanner Benefits

• Elimination of mistakes.

Before scanners, warehouse employees might type SKU numbers and manually count inventory. The problem with this process is mistakes, and potential shrinkage, can occur. This also results in duplication of effort because the mistakes must be corrected, and inventory taken again.

• Accurate, real-time information.

This leads to better decision making about product orders and forecasting sales on a monthly and quarterly basis.

• Detection of returns, warranty and recalled items.

Because you will scan items as they come in and as they leave the warehouse, it will be easy to determine how many products are returned and if they are within or outside of the warranty period. In addition, if your organization has a major recall, you will be able to track the percentage of products that have been returned and replaced.

• Streamlined shipping and receiving.

Every product is scanned in and out of your facility, resulting in faster and accurate tracking.

• Better customer service.

If a patron calls or emails your customer service department wanting to know when they should be receiving their product, your representatives will be able to tell them where it is in the delivery cycle.

• Faster audits.

If you do a complete audit once or twice a year, managing everything through mobile devices and barcode scanners will cut your time in half and require fewer people to complete.

• Track employee hours.

Because employees will have to check in and out while they are using the device, you will be able to roll up the labor costs associated with inventory tracking with 100% certainty.

Auditor using a tablet
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