Windows Laptops Still Reign Supreme

Windows laptop coding

Look, we have nothing against Apple products, and MacBook Pro rentals are great for video production, but for serious business needs, you need Windows laptops.  The Windows operating system is just better suited all around for your day-to-day business, there’s no getting around it.  Not only is there more choice when selecting a Windows-based device, but some software applications flat out don’t work with Apple products.


Personal and Business Productivity

While Apple brags about the user-friendliness of its devices, few power users prefer Mac OS over Windows.  Mac OS is more user friendly for basic users, but for intermediate or high-end users, Windows is flat-out more powerful and easier to use.  It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the presence of the right mouse button can make a huge difference when a power user can perform over a hundred actions per minute.  And anybody who has experienced the spinning wheel of death knows what a Mac can do to your productivity.


Coding and Software Development

While many of the graphic designers and video editors prefer Apple products, good luck finding a  coder, software developer, or other IT personnel who does.  Windows just makes life easier for the programmer, both by being easier to use and more flexible when developing, but also by making software easier to develop for the Windows OS than for Mac.  Don’t stick your coders with a bunch of underpowered, cumbersome to use Apple devices because the marketing team thinks their design looks sleek.  Get them a Dell with an i7 and the latest Geforce processor.


Software Compatibility – Not An Issue

Windows laptop software compatibility

With Windows 10, software compatibility is just not an issue.  Practically all commercially available software is compatible with Windows 10, and most of it is designed specifically for Windows.  With Mac OS, you have to cross your fingers and hope that the software you use every day, like your company’s CRM, ERP, or other enterprise software, is compatible with your device.  Why deal with the worry and hassle?  Just get a Windows laptop.


No Brand Name Premium

There’s no getting around it, Apple’s overall marketing is far superior than any other player in the laptop industry, and they demand a premium for it.  Everybody wants an Apple, or at least they think they do.  So, they open these sleek-looking stores with dozens of sales representatives and charge their customers a steep premium that they are glad to pay.  Your business does not need to pay extra for the popular device.  A Windows-based laptop will typically be less expensive than a comparable Apple device, and it’s not for lack of quality.  Not only does Apple use many of the same suppliers as manufacturers of Windows laptops, but there is no objective evidence that Apple products are superior to Windows devices, only subjective advantages like look, feel, and personal preference.


We’re Here For Your Short-Term Laptop Needs

We can provide Windows laptop rentals for short-term or temporary needs all across the US.  For that matter, we can also provide MacBook rentals anywhere you need them.  Whichever operating system you choose, we will set them up with the software you need and deliver them right to your event space or corporate office.  We have a network of experts in all types of technology, and can get you what you need, where you need it, when you need it.  So, whether you need a bunch of Windows laptops to demo your enterprise software, or some Mac laptops to edit photos for wedding season, visit or call us today at 800-736-8772.


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