An All-Inclusive Event AV Supplier Brings Many Benefits

Technology storage chests
As an experienced meeting professional, you have most likely used a combination of in-house and outsourced AV companies. Why? The in-house provider had limited gear choices that didn’t match your needs. Or you found yourself using three or four vendors because the local company couldn’t provide enough iPad and laptop rentals. To make matters worse, you had equipment problems and called the in-house support tech who told you he couldn’t help because it wasn’t their equipment. Sound familiar? There is a better way. Here six things to consider to make your next AV vendor experience pain-free.

An All-Inclusive Vendor Makes Total Sense

First, remember you are not tied to the in-house provider. The hotel sales staff may convey to you that you must go with them, but the truth of the matter is anything can be negotiated before contract signature.

Second, a national provider can meet your needs at multiple locations with the same equipment, every time. This is a great benefit if you are taking your event on the road over the course of several months. A supplier that can deliver, setup and strike the same configuration at every destination, gives you the ability to negotiate a bulk meeting contract where larger discounts may be available on certain equipment and provides you with the peace of mind that they already know what is needed.

Third, all-inclusive companies stay ahead of the technology curve. Want the latest Microsoft Surface Hub for a collaborative meeting? Or Virtual Reality headsets? You will be able to get this equipment, or for that matter, anything else you need.

Technology storage chests
Fourth, you have one point of contact. This will save you significant time and avoid potential headaches. You’ll have one person to negotiate your contracts, manage last minute requests and answer your questions.

Fifth, support is available around the clock.  A head technician with be your point person who will remain onsite to manage their team of experienced professionals. They can give you an immediate solution to any equipment malfunction. In addition, during off-hours, 24/7 telephone support is available.

Sixth, you will have total transparency. The beauty of an all-inclusive contract is there are no hidden fees. If you order something last minute, you will know the charge ahead of time and either approve or disapprove it. Wants to Be Your All-Inclusive Supplier

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