Events Industry Council Sponsorship is proud to announce our sponsorship of the Events Industry Council (EIC). We have been proudly serving the events industry since 1987, and welcome the opportunity to connect with members of the council. The EIC is the premier organization for Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs) and other event planners.

About the Events Industry Council

The Convention Industry Council Board and their Brand Task Force recognized a need to refresh and refine their organization to provide real value for their members and merged to form the Events Industry Council. The EIC currently has 33 member organizations that represent over 100 thousand individuals and nearly 20 thousand firms involved in the meetings, conventions and exhibitions industry. The council created the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) certification in 1985 to educate meeting professionals and establish standard practices.

About the CMP Certification

The Certified Meeting Professional program consists of a few educational handbooks designed to prepare for the CMP exam. The CMP exam is computer-based and is composed of 165 multiple-choice questions which must be completed in three and a half hours. The results of the exam are given to the test taker immediately, and the EIC will mail a physical certificate within four weeks of submitting a passing exam. The CMP exam and its study materials are designed to educate, promote the credibility of the profession, and advance uniform standards of practice.

Fast Fact: Did you know Chicago, Illinois is home to the nations largest community of Certified Meeting Professionals?

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