Stay Connected at Your Event With Wifi Hotspot Rentals

Let’s face it: when you plan a trade show or other business-related event, you measure success as more than just the number of people who attended. You want attendees to engage with the event. You can do this in several ways. By creating a custom app for your event, for example, or using social media hashtags to make sure attendees are aware of each other’s presence online.

The only problem is that all of this activity takes a near-constant network connection, and temporary event wireless networks can be anything but reliable. If you’re an experienced event planner, undoubtedly you’ve been there before: stacks of comment cards left after your event, complaining about the lack of service making it difficult to even use their mobile phone at all, let alone engage with the event. This can seem like a waste of your time and your company’s money.

Some mobile carriers work better in certain areas, and some buildings are just not ideal for mobile networks. It’s not your fault, but the result is the same. The resulting inconsistent network connection can ruin your event.

What Can You Do?

You have several feasible options to improve event attendees’ ability to get online and stay online, even with a realistic budget:

  • Wifi hotspot rentals: If you need a variety of mobile networks for both your attendees and your event staff (for displays and presentations, for example), the best option may be to rent mobile wireless hotspots. With a few of these devices set up around the event space, you’ll be able to ensure that anyone who needs it has the ability to get online.
  • Verizon hotspot rentals: Take advantage of the robust Verizon 4G network, without have to sign up for a long-term contract. Verizon 4G hotspots can be rented for as little as one day at a time, and we can coordinate activation and service contracts.
  • Aircard rentals: In a pinch, Aircards are also an affordable way to ensure that everyone at your event that needs network access can get it. Aircard rentals work a bit better for presenters and demonstrations more than event guests. This is due to the fact that to use them, every individual has to have their own Aircard.

There are upsides and downsides to each option, and your unique needs will ultimately decide which option best fits your situation, but there are a few key advantages of using any of these options.

First, you won’t have to rely on cell phone signals that are spotty at best, but you can offer wireless access in a way that’s affordable. In addition, you won’t have to worry about long-term service contracts with a rental like you would if you actually purchased hotpots or aircards from mobile carriers or wireless retailers. The rental company can take care of getting the equipment activated and installed, as well as repaired and serviced should anything go wrong.

Reap the Benefits
How do your event planning options change with better network access, both for presenters and guests? First, engagement is easier. With mobile apps, social media integration, and more, guests are more likely to come away with a positive reflection on the event. In addition, your presenters are able to do and show more using connected technology, adding value to your event.


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