Rental Equipment for Your Seasonal Business

With fall approaching, Halloween and Christmas stores have begun to pop up in cities across the country. From computers to manage inventory to tablets for mobile payments, you understand the need for technology to make your seasonal business run smoothly. Rather than tying up precious capital in equipment you only use seasonally, renting the computers, tablets, and other equipment you need can help you stay within the time and budgetary constraints that seasonal businesses often face.

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Aircard and WiFi hotspot rentals ensure that your staff members are able to complete sales, check inventory, and communicate with one another from anywhere within your store. Rather than being tied to an annual contract, WiFi hotspot rentals allow you to pay for internet services for only the time period that you need them. Whether your store is located in a strip center or a temporary holiday village, you’ll have the WiFi coverage you need to keep your business running smoothly.


For larger tasks like tracking inventory, managing your website and social media pages, and cataloging photos of items for your online store, desktop computers, laptops, and servers are essential. Improper inventory tracking can lead to lost sales and unhappy customers. For seasonal businesses, your website and social media pages are your lifelines to your shoppers. Don’t put your business at risk by not planning for on-site management of your inventory and website during your busiest season.

Make payments painless

With nearly 60 percent of consumers preferring credit card payments to cash, accepting credit card payments at your seasonal business is a must. Not only are credit cards the payment methods of choice, but customers also spend an average of 18 percent more and are more likely to make impulse buys when using plastic than cash.

Tablets make it easy for you to accept credit cards, especially with the addition of contract-free payment apps like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Square. Renting tablets allows you to have multiple checkout points for customers, whether they pay with cash or credit card.


Creating engaging visual displays that capture the imagination of your customers is even more important when your business is seasonal. Helping your customers create an emotional connection with the event or holiday at hand can increase your sales this year and encourage customers to visit multiple times. Renting audio visual equipment allows you to create unique displays for your customers while staying on budget and potentially driving increased sales.

When you run a seasonal business, purchasing equipment for your storefront can pose an insurmountable barrier. Renting equipment like computers, tablets, printers, and visual displays from allows you to best utilize your capital while also creating a professional storefront and shopping experience for your customers. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

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