Computer Equipment for Your Winter Tech Camp

Rather than spending the holiday break vegging out at home, winter technology camps allow kids to engage in programming and design classes that further their interest in STEM fields. Whether your tech camp focuses on coding, game development, or robotics, odds are your need for computers, servers, and projectors are great. Don’t let cost constraints or lack of upgraded equipment prevent your camp from being a success. Renting the latest computer technology can make your tech camp more cost effective and keep you on the cutting edge of current technology every year. Find out more about renting computers and servers for your winter technology camp.

Current technology

Most technology camps employ the use of gaming PCs for their campers since these have the graphics cards and CPUs to handle massive gaming, coding, and robotics needs. Budget gaming PCs start at about $750 while higher-end systems push the total per unit to more than $2,000 – and that doesn’t include the costs of upgrades.

Shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to update your equipment every couple of years doesn’t make sense, but you need to stay current on your tech offerings to draw in campers. Renting your computers and servers allows you to stay on top of the latest technology in the industry without having to spend the bulk of your budget on upgrading your equipment.

Save on storage costs

If you own the computers and servers used for tech camps, you have to store it somewhere. Does your current workplace offer enough extra storage space for all of your equipment? Do you need to rent a storage unit to keep overflow equipment? Is that space climate-controlled and watertight? Can you afford the cost of year-round storage of the equipment?

If you’ve spent thousands of dollars on computer equipment, you need to make sure that your storage space is secure, weather tight, and monitored. Renting your camp equipment lets you avoid the added costs of off-season storage and security costs. Additionally, you may want to rent a surveillance system, to make sure the rentals you have currently are safe. For example, one fish-eye surveillance camera usually watches an entire classroom.

Only pay for what you need

You want to draw as many attendees as possible to your camp but fronting the costs to purchase a large number of PCs and servers isn’t in the budget for most organizations. Renting only the number of computers and servers you need for your event can save your company massive amounts of money every year. Your attendees will have the latest technology at their disposal and you’ll save money by not having excess equipment sitting around.

***Fun fact: Our largest Computer Training Camp rental in 2018 was for a classroom in Anaheim, California!

Equipment only when you need it

You don’t have to tie tens of thousands of dollars up in equipment that your company only uses seasonally.’s team of experts deliver and install all of your computer equipment rentals, including PCs, laptops, servers, projectors, and more. Just let us know what gear you need, and our technicians will set it up on-site when and where you need it. Get a quote for all your winter tech camp rental needs today!

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