Use Technology to Put Your New Year’s Eve Party on the Map


A New Year’s Eve party? What fun – but planning a New Year’s Eve bash that will draw a crowd to your restaurant can be one of the most stressful tasks you have all year. How do you win out among a sea of competing events going on across the city? The right blend of careful planning and integration of event equipment can transform your soiree into an event that guests will be RSVPing to quickly and keep them talking about your party long after the ball has dropped in Times Square. Read on for tips on incorporating our event rental equipment into your event, helping make your bash THE party of the New Year’s season.

Style and substance

You already have the perfect venue – now you just need to make it party ready. You might decide to stick with the existing vibe of your restaurant or embrace the spirit of renewal and opt for something completely new. Whatever style or theme you choose, remember that your décor, menu, drink, and invitation selections need to reflect those elements. If your establishment is normally casual and you opt for a black-tie party, you’ll want to make sure that all of your regulars get the message.

An ideal option that will allow you to accept more RSVPs is a cocktail style party. With guests mingling while enjoying appetizers and specialty cocktails, your kitchen can focus on preparing a consistent set of smaller items rather than cooking full meals. You’ll also be able to make room for more dancing and mingling since a cocktail affair usually requires fewer tables.

Turn it up

No New Year’s Eve bash would be complete without a solid plan for entertainment. Whether you opt for a live band, DJ, or piped in music, you’ll need a sound system that keeps guests entertained into the wee hours. We provide customer audio packages that are designed to meet the needs of your venue. Our technicians can even talk to your entertainment provider to ensure that all equipment is compatible. From complete packages that include mixers, mics, and stands to smaller portable systems, our sound system rental options will keep your guests’ feet moving all night long.

Counting down

The dropping of the ball in Times Square at midnight is so iconic that even guests who venture out for New Year’s parties feel the need to watch and join in the celebration. Our screens, displays and video walls will help make sure that your guests don’t miss a moment of the countdown. Earlier in the evening, consider displaying attendee selfies and social media posts about your party, or share the many images of people ringing in the New Year all over the world.

Think safety

New Year’s Eve draws large crowds to restaurants and bars hosting special events to celebrate the holiday – and with the crowds comes the prospect of security issues. It’s a good idea to designate a few staff members to act as security or bouncers for the evening. Two-way radios can help keep all security and management team members on the same page and aware of any potential security issues or patrons that may be causing a disturbance. Go over the plan for the evening with your staff ahead of time and be sure that everyone knows what their role is for the evening.

Stay on budget

With our rental options for event equipment, you can throw a New Year’s bash to remember while staying on budget. Event equipment rental doesn’t have to be a challenge or out of reach financially. If you need to rent equipment for your next big event, proudly provides audio visual, computer rentals and other technology rentals for your events. Our experts can help guide you to the event equipment rentals you need to make your event a success. No matter where your event is, can help. Get a quote for all your equipment needs today!

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