Transform Your Event Venue with AV Technology

The blank expanses that many event spaces present can be both a blessing and a curse. While giving you the opportunity to create your own mark on the venue, many venues can also seem bland and cold at first sight. How do you create a personal experience for every guest when your space feels less than inspiring at first glance? AV technology lets you turn your event venue into anything you can imagine – transporting guests in place or time, crafting intimate lounge areas, and leaving guests feeling engaged. Read on to learn more about how you can use AV to transform any event space.


More than almost any other element in your event management toolbox, lighting can transform your event space and create the ambiance your event requires. From creating intimacy in large, impersonal spaces to making a small space feel expansive, lighting is an event planner’s best friend. You can use different lighting throughout your event space to help create a sense of theme in individual lounge areas or breakout spaces.

Think high and low when planning your lighting scheme. From twinkle lights across the ceiling to create a twinkling starscape to flame-less candles and lanterns on tables, using lighting at different levels can help create a sense of mood and place. Consider adding pops of colorful lighting to create interest and draw guests to areas of focus throughout the space.

You can also incorporate moving lighting into the event, spraying rainbows of color across a large expanse of wall and adding spotlights that can be used to highlight speakers on stage. You can even create custom light shows that flow with your DJ’s playlist.

Pump up the Music

Speaking of music, nothing sets the tone of your event quite like music. You can even create zones of sound throughout the space to accommodate conversations and dancing simultaneously.

Work with your DJ to determine the optimum equipment you need for your sound system to make sure that you can keep the party going all night. For events that may go on for a few hours, consider starting the evening off on a slightly lower volume and pump up the volume as the night wears on.


Projectors may seem to belong in the realm of meeting planners, but they can also help you transform your event space into something entirely new. From sponsor logos to full-scale projection mapping using projectors in your space is a fast and easy way to lend a breath of fresh air to your next event.

Your projection display could be as simple as your social media stream or you can sweep your guests away to a whole different world. If you’re working in a large space, consider selecting a specific area, like the entryway or wall behind a food area for projection mapping. Projection mapping allows you to project as simple or as complex an image as your event demands.

A Wall of Images

Video walls and displays help keep your guests connected throughout your event venue. Whether you choose to use individual monitors spread throughout the space or an entire video wall, the right screens help you set the right mood and carry your message throughout the event.

If your event space has multiple rooms or obscured lines of sight from the stage, display screens can help make sure that all of your guests get all of the information they need while at your event. Video screens can also carry your event and sponsor logos, the schedule for the evening, or your social media feed.

Let us help you Transform your Venue

No matter how big or small your event, every event planner has a budget. Buying AV equipment to transform your space can quickly deplete your funds. Renting AV equipment can present a significant cost savings, while also removing any doubt about the compatibility of equipment.

If you need to rent equipment for your next big event, proudly provides audio visual rentals for conventions, trade shows, and more. New to integrating technology into your events? Our experts can help guide you to the AV rentals you need to make your event a success, making sure that every piece of equipment is compatible and set up correctly. No matter where your event is, can help. Get a quote for all your equipment needs today!

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