The Importance of Business Meetings

Face-to-face business meetings with clients and stakeholders offer opportunities for conversation and interaction that conference calls and email exchanges are just not able to match. When you’re in the same room, idea sharing becomes more fluid and decisions can be reached within a shorter period of time. From corporate retreats to attending an industry conference, the importance of business meetings cannot be overstated. Read on to learn more about the benefits of off-site business meetings and how we can help make planning easier.

Face-to-face business meeting with clients and stakeholders

Corporate retreats

As an opportunity for all of the stakeholders in your company to come together to discuss strategies and priorities for your business, the corporate retreat meeting is the most important meeting your leadership team will hold all year. Corporate retreats allow your executives to meet free of the distractions of daily work, focusing on setting the path forward for the continued growth of your company. Most retreats are held off-site and require a good deal of pre-planning, including booking hotel rooms and meeting space, preparing meeting materials, and ensuring that everyone has the equipment that they need at the meeting venue.


Travelling for business meetings

Traveling to meet in person can help you better understand your client's needs

No matter how long you’ve been working with a client, you sometimes need to massage the relationship to ensure that their eye doesn’t start to wander to a new vendor. Building a face-to-face connection with your clients is invaluable for your business that can more than recoup the cost of your travel.

When you sit down across the table from a client, you can understand their needs and how you might be able to expand your relationship to help them succeed. Be sure to spend some time preparing before heading out for your trip. Learn everything you can about your client and their business, using that information to offer additional solutions for your clients and to increase your sales and firm up your relationship.


Holding meetings while at a conference

Attending conferences is a great way to make connections

Attending conferences is a great way to network and make connections with clients and potential partners that you may not have met otherwise. You can learn from others in your industry, while improving your own skills and knowledge in your field. If you meet a potential customer be sure to engage with them, asking questions and meeting with them individually outside of sessions and panels.


Laptops when and where you need them

Take the worry out of travelling with electronics by renting laptops, tablets, and projectors for your meeting attendees to use on-site. Just let us know what equipment you need, and it will be waiting for your team when they arrive at the meeting venue. A local technician will arrive at your meeting site and personally install and test your laptop to make sure that everything is running smoothly. Between presentations and meetings, your employees will have enough to think about – let us handle the technology so you can focus on business. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

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