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Working out with the iPhone XR
The iPhone XR is finally here and it’s giving its sister releases a serious run for their money. Despite being intended as the new introductory iPhone, the XR has proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with since hitting the market. Its substantial size, excellent camera, and range of colors combine with a more affordable price to make the iPhone XR a top choice for veteran iPhone users and those wanting to get their first experience with the iPhone. Read on to learn more about the latest iPhone in the X series.

All the bells & whistles at a fraction of the cost

Many of the features of the iPhone XR are just as good as or, sometimes, better than its more expensive counterparts in the X series. With nearly identical performance to the XS, many customers weighing their options for a new phone should give serious consideration to the iPhone XR.

Featuring up to 256GB of internal storage and boasting a 12-megapixel camera with 5X digital zoom and three portrait lighting effects, the XR clocks in at $749 to $899 depending on storage size – a $100 less than the starting range of other phones in the X series.

iPhone XR

Size matters

The screen size of the XR puts it right in the middle between the iPhone XS and XS Max. Fortunately, like the rest of the X series, the edge-to-edge 6.1-inch LCD display screen on the iPhone XR is made of the strongest front glass ever on an iPhone thanks to a specially formulated Gorilla Glass made by Corning.

Continuing the cutting-edge trend, the casing consists of a special Apple-designed alloy, an aerospace-grade aluminum, that allows it to weigh less than its sister models in the X series. Just like its sister models, the XR boasts a glass front and back. Coming in coral, blue, white, yellow, black, and project red, the XR lets you express yourself in more colors than any iPhone has before.

Other X Series releases

The sister releases to the XR, the XS and XS Max, represent the higher-end of the X series. The primary feature of these two models seems to be their internal upgrades and new sizing rather than any actual redesigns over other models in the series.

iPhone XR on a beach

The iPhone XS boasts a 5.8-inch OLED display featuring the same Gorilla Glass as the XR model. The stainless steel body of the XS translates to a slightly heavier weight than the XR and the color options of gold, silver, and space grey are more limited than the range offered by the iPhone XR. The XS also features a dual 12-megapixel camera up the digital zoom to 10X while also offering five portrait lighting effects. The XS is available with up to 512GB of internal storage and pricing ranges from $999 to $1349.

The XS Max model ups the ante with a 6.5-inch OLED display and stainless steel body in the same colors as the XS. Featuring the same dual 12-megapixel camera with 10X digital zoom and five portrait lighting effects as the XS, the XS Max also tops out at 512GB of internal storage. Pricing on the XS Max ranges from $1,099 to $1,499.

Technology you can count on

The iPhone X series has a lot to offer every iPhone user. Whether you’re new to the world of Apple smartphones, just a casual user, or an iPhone die-hard, the XR boasts features that will have you raving. While its sister releases may feature slightly upgraded cameras and storage capacity, the XR is still able to offer many of the same amazing features as the XS and the XS Max in a wider range of color options and at a reduced price.

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