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With everything you have going on, it can be hard to keep up with all of your favorite blogs. We always strive to provide you with the latest information about the newest tech we have to offer and new solutions to make your events bigger and better. To keep you in the loop on all of our office technology rental solutions, we’ve compiled a list of our three best posts of 2018.

Best Blog posts of 2018

Make Inventory a Breeze

Year-end inventory can be a nightmare when you hire temps and hand counts to complete the task. Inventory management has entered the digital age with rugged mobile device rentals and scanners designed to be used by your warehouse employees – saving you time and money.

Using barcode scanners in conjunction with lightweight tablets, your staff can eliminate counting errors, provide you with accurate real-time information about your inventory, and streamline your audit timetable. Contact us today to learn more about Microsoft Surface rentals with barcode scanners that are preloaded with the latest Windows OS and read our article Tablets with Barcode Scanners Make Inventory a Breeze.

Conducting inventory with a tablet

If gaming is your thing

Hosting a gaming tournament, convention, or conference? Our high-performance desktop computer rentals have the computing power and graphics card performance you need to make your event a success. Featuring liquid cooling, the latest Intel Core processor, up to 64 GB of RAM, and an assortment of NVIDIA GTX graphics cards, our gaming laptops have everything your attendees need.

Our goal is to give you high-performance desktop computers that offer you everything you need to make your next gaming event a success, so we offer breathtaking options to ensure that your rentals are as powerful and reliable as possible. Our experts work with you to select computers that meet your needs. Get a quote today for gaming computer rentals and read our article High-Performance Desktop Rentals for Gaming and Esports Tournaments to learn more.

High performance gaming desktops

Are you ready for the next election cycle?

It may seem like the 2018 midterm season just ended, but the 2020 election cycle is already starting to heat up. With politicians on the verge of announcing their intention to run, field campaign offices will soon begin popping up around the country – and as the election heats up, news outlets won’t be far behind in establishing media centers in battleground areas. We make outfitting your campaign office or media center with temporary office equipment rentals easy.

Renting laptops, printers, copiers, iPads, and other office equipment allows you to quickly set up your campaign field offices anywhere while staying on budget. Video editing, transmission, and storage needs for your temporary newsroom can only be met by high-quality laptops and servers. Don’t risk missing your video submission deadlines by relying on anything but the best.

Whether you need tablets for voter registration, laptops for campaign volunteers, or cell phones to keep your news team connected, the office equipment rental experts at have you covered.  Get a quote today for your temporary campaign office or media center rental needs and learn more about these rentals by reading Office Equipment for Campaign Offices and Media Centers.

Temporary office equipment for an election campaign

Our tech puts you on the cutting edge

No matter your equipment rental needs, proudly provides technology rentals for companies, conventions, trade shows, and more. Our experts can help guide you to the rentals you need to make your endeavor a success, making sure that every piece of equipment is compatible and set up correctly. No matter where you’re located, can help. Get a quote for all your equipment needs today!

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