Laptops for Educators and Businesses

When you’re conducting a business training or planning a large class project, having a standard base technology for every member of your team to use is a must. With the purchase of large numbers of laptops being beyond the budgets of most businesses and schools, laptop rentals provide an ideal way for you to get access to the tech you need at a price that will keep your accounting department happy. Here’s everything you need to know about renting laptops for your team or class.

Business made easier

Thinking about purchasing new software for your business, but need to demo it first? Want to implement a new training application? Have a large team project that requires all of your employees to use the same tech? We can preload your laptop rentals with any software you need to allow you to give your entire team access to the applications they need.

Business training class with laptops

Whether you’re conducting a short one-week rental or need to keep your laptops for several months, we can provide the laptop rentals you need. If your creative team is working on a new advertising or content campaign, we have MacBook Pro rentals that will allow them to blow your clients away. Are your engineers working on a new software program? Our mobile workstation rentals deliver the speed and power your team needs to build the next great program.

School rental needs

With STEM education a primary focus for schools, integrating computers into the classroom is key. Whether your school needs rentals for a single class or the entire student body, we can provide laptops and desktops to help your students get a leg up in tech education.

STEM education class

For most daily tasks like typing papers and internet research, Chromebook laptop rentals are an ideal fit. If your students are utilizing their laptops for more involved projects, you may want to consider Windows laptop rentals that enable them to perform a wider variety of functions with greater speed and storage capacity than the Chromebook. If your students aren’t taking their laptops home with them,  you may be better suited for a desktop rental.

Rental responsibilities

If you elect to allow your employees or students to use their laptops outside of the office or school, we suggest that you create a checkout system that details who is using each specific laptop during your rental. Since we don’t rent to individuals, your business or school is responsible for your batch of rentals.

Classroom STEM training with laptops

Give your team the latest tech

When your team needs to be on the same page, laptop rentals make it easy to provide everyone with the technology they need to complete their jobs and assignments. Whether you’ve got a team of computer engineers working on building the latest software application or a classroom of middle schoolers putting together a school newspaper, our team can help you find the laptops you need to get the job done.

If you need laptop rentals, proudly provides laptop rentals for companies, conventions, trade shows, and more. Our experts can help guide you to the laptop rentals you need, making sure that every piece of equipment is loaded with your required software and set up correctly. No matter where you’re located, can help. Get a quote for all your equipment needs today!

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