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From workshops to discussions and presentations, breakout sessions add value to your conference by giving attendees the opportunity to actively participate in your event. Like most other aspects of your event, technology can help you achieve your breakout session goals. Our event technology rentals let you give your attendees an immersive experience that can assure the overall success of your conference. Here are a few ways that you can use technology to improve your next round of breakout sessions.

Breakout Sessions

Breakouts with panache

While your breakout sessions should be related to your main program, they should also offer your attendees the opportunity to take a deeper dive into special interest topics related to your industry. To make sure that your attendees can’t pass up your breakout sessions, be sure to put as much thought and planning into these sessions as you do the rest of your conference.

Let attendees register early so you can plan accordingly. Since you’ll likely be paying per space you use, make the best use of that space by assigning your breakout sessions to the rooms that best fit the number of attendees and type of session. You may also consider allowing your attendees to submit questions when they register. This allows your breakout session leaders to develop materials and information accordingly.

Added value

While the larger portions of your program may be dominated by presentations and information sharing requiring a passive audience, your breakout sessions offer your attendees the opportunity to actively participate in your event. For your guests, this active participation allows for greater retention of information and increases the likelihood of successful implementation of that data after your event. Integrating technology into your event can increase your attendees’ ability to interact with facilitators and the information they’re providing. Our iPhone rentals and Android rentals can be delivered with apps like Glisser pre-installed. Glisser gives your presenters the ability to share slides directly with your attendees and allows your attendees to share that information with co-workers later.

Technology assisting with a breakout meeting

Since breakout sessions encourage all attendees to participate in the discussion, your guests will have more opportunity to share their ideas and raise questions related to your conference. These sessions also offer you the chance to improve your future events by learning more about the thoughts and opinions of your attendees. Here, again, you can put your smartphone rentals to work to make it easier for your attendees to get involved in the conversation by using free apps like Crowd Mics that turn smartphones into wireless microphones. You can also include apps that allow attendees to submit written questions in real time to breakout session facilitators.

Avoid common mistakes

No matter how great the topic or information offered in your breakout session, your attendees may still find the experience less than spectacular if you fall victim to common mistakes. Make sure that your breakout sessions have clear and realistic objectives. Are you brainstorming or presenting information? Take a few minutes at the beginning of sessions to share the main objective with attendees and select a few well-formulated questions to guide discussions or presentations. Keep your facilitators and attendees on track by setting time-frames that allow enough time for the discussions to prove valuable, while also ensuring that the session doesn’t drag on unnecessarily.

Don’t forget to feedback. Take a few minutes at the end of your session to seek responses from your attendees to help you improve the quality of future breakout sessions. Rather than collecting paper surveys at the end of each session, iPad rentals allow you to quickly and easily compile all of your attendees’ feedback in real time and make adjustments as necessary. If you have a preferred survey program or app, we can even pre-install it on all of your rentals before delivery.

Improve your breakout sessions without breaking the bank

Breakout meeting at a business event

Breakout sessions help your attendees get more engaged with your material and help them retain information long-term. Technology allows you to create better breakouts that give your attendees a better overall conference experience. Buying the standardized equipment you need to smoothly and efficiently improve your breakout sessions can quickly blow your budget. Our event equipment rentals help you create more engaging breakout sessions that add value to your conferences.

If you need to rent equipment for your next big event, proudly provides audio visual, computer rentals and other technology rentals for conventions, trade shows, and more. New to integrating technology into your events? Our experts can help guide you to the event equipment rentals you need to make your event a success. No matter where your event is, can help. Get a quote for all your equipment needs today!

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