Mobile Solutions for Medical Conferences

Doctors using a tablet at a conference

Medical conferences often present a phenomenal amount information in great detail and aim to share engaging content that allows healthcare professionals to remain up to date on the latest medical technology. When you need to ensure that all of your medical conference attendees are on the same page, our tablet rentals and iPad rentals can be preloaded with your event app, presentations, and other information that you need to share with your attendees. Let’s explore some of the top medical conferences of 2019 and learn more about how our tablets can help your attendees make the most of their conference experience.

There’s an app for that

Put your tablet rentals to work using your conference app. Developing a custom app or building your app on an existing platform allows you to keep your attendees connected and in the know throughout the conference. In addition to having a full calendar of events, your app should offer a personalized schedule that loads when the attendee signs into the tablet. Your app should also include access to program sheets and presentations, speaker bios and descriptions, feedback cards for each session, and access to additional resources.

Include gamification elements to make your app more engaging and appealing to users. Add quizzes, BINGO cards based on the sessions the user is attending, and features that display the user’s health information (heart rate, steps taken, etc) at specific times. Offer gift cards, promotional items, and other small items as a reward for participating in these mini-games.

Easily share information

Help your attendees keep track of the information presented by sending it to them on screen straight to their tablets. If your venue has limited visibility or obscured sight lines, it can be especially helpful to offer users access to information in the palm of their hand.

Selecting a tablet, like the Microsoft Surface, allows your attendees to make notes directly on-screen that can be very beneficial later. Just make sure that your guests include their email in their profile so that you can send the notes to them at the end of the conference.

Doctor using a tablet at a conference

Make networking easy

Help your attendees connect with one another by including a networking feature in your event app. Allowing attendees to share ideas and knowledge throughout the event builds on the information presented by your conference speakers and organizers. You can keep the conversation going after the event by adding a chat feature to your event website or creating event hashtags that allow the discussion to continue long after your closing session.

ACP Internal Medicine Meeting

Featuring the best national faculty and a plethora of clinical and hands-on sessions, ACP’s Internal Medicine Meeting will be held April 11-13, 2019 in Philadelphia. The Clinical Skills Center provide clinical skills enhancement activities that allow attendees to develop the skills to safely perform common procedures.

International Medicine and Primary Care CME

The AMF’s International Medicine and Primary Care event in Chicago allows attendees to earn 30 live CME credits. Held from June 27-30, 2019, expert speakers from the University of Chicago, Rush University, and Northwestern University will present on the latest clinical guidelines.  Among other topics, attendees will learn how to apply the most current treatment strategies for common chronic medical conditions and recognize effective interventions of chronic conditions.

AAP National Conference and Exhibition

The foremost conference for pediatric health care professionals, the AAP National Conference and Exhibition draws over 15,000 attendees and offers more than 350 sessions featuring interactive, hands-on workshops. The October 25-29, 2019 conference will offer sessions on topics such as advocacy, substance abuse, and physician wellness, among many other subjects.

Ready to meet all of your tablet rental needs

Tablet used by doctor

Medical conferences can be hectic enough without your attendees having to worry about keeping up with paper printouts from sessions and handwritten notes or your staff running around printing out additional copies of needed information. Give your attendees a better and more authentic experience by providing the information they need at the touch of a finger.

Need to rent tablets and iPads for your next medical conferences or meeting?  No matter how many tablets you need, has all the latest models of tablets and iPad products to match your conference needs. Just let us know what gear you need, and our technicians will arrive to deliver and set up all of your equipment. Get a quote for all your tablet rental needs today!

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