Don’t Be a Hack: Get the Right Equipment for Your Hackathon

Professional hacker exposing security threats

Whether your hackathon features “white hat” hackers focused on identifying vulnerabilities in new software and devices for a company, purely for fun, or you’re part of a group putting government software and infrastructure to the test, hackathons demand the highest quality desktop rentals, AV rentals, and WiFi hotspot rentals. With a growing emphasis on STEM education and more people than ever entering IT-intensive professions, hackathons are an ideal way to explore interest in and hone your skills in coding and IT. No matter which side of the hackathon you’re on – trying to crack through security or repelling attacks as the target of a hack – here are the event rental solutions you need to make your next hackathon a success.

Pick the perfect desktop

When the rules of your Hackathon event require that all participants have identical devices, you’ll need to provide your hackers with top-of-the-line equipment to ensure they’re competitive. Whether your event features traditional Windows machines, iMacs, or gaming desktops, selecting the latest tech for your event will ensure that your attendees are able to deliver their best performances and having them returning year after year.

Dell XPS and HP Omen gaming desktop rentals provide the high-speed performance that competition demands. With 64GB RAM, the latest Intel core i7 processor, and graphic cards including NVIDIA GTX 1080TI with 11GB VRAM, these gaming desktops are an ideal solution for the demands of hacking competition.

Stay connected

Hackathons have serious internet and Wi-Fi needs. Your event location may not have the bandwidth to handle the demands of all of your desktops plus your audience smartphone Wi-Fi needs. Our Freedom WiFi Hotspot rentals are scalable for any number of users and feature a quick and easy setup for plug and play deployment.

Get the audience in on the action

Woman working at a convention with projectors

Don’t leave your audience out in the cold. Pump up the crowd and help them cheer on their favorite competitors with video wall rentals and projector rentals. No matter the size of your event space, our customizable visual solutions help keep everyone in on the action. Be sure to have additional screens to post scores and standings throughout the event.

Can you hear me now?

Your participants are putting in maximum effort throughout the event. Reward that hard work with an awards ceremony that celebrates their skills. From a gymnasium to a large convention center, our sound system rentals are fully customizable to suit the size and needs of your event, ensuring that all attendees and audience members hear every message and announcement throughout your Hackathon.

Upcoming East Coast Hackathons


When? September 1st-2nd

Where? New York, NY is a leading supplier in technology rentals in New York City, New York.


When? November 10th-11th

Where? Boston, MA

Need short term computer, AV, or other temporary event equipment in Boston?’s Boston suppliers have the most current technology in stock!

HackHarvard College

When? October 19th-21st

Where? Harvard University

For technology deliveries and installation in Cambridge, Massachusetts — call on

Hack away

Hackathons are a great opportunity for coding and IT enthusiasts to test their metal and show off their skills while also allowing companies to test the security of devices and software. Whether your hackathon is just for fun or you’re working with a company to identify cracks in their software security, hackathons rely on the latest technology. can provide you with the equipment you need to make your hackathon a success without breaking the bank.

Hackathon’s team of experts deliver and set up all of your equipment rentals for your hackathon, including desktops, sound systems, video walls, and Wifi hotspots. Just let us know what gear you need, and our technicians will set it up on-site when and where you need it. Get a quote for all your hackathon needs today!

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