Five Key Software Solutions for Your Next Conference

Holding a small or large conference requires the right software applications that are critical to making your event run smoothly. Here are five real-life examples of how we help our clients fulfill their technology needs.


Rather than using spreadsheets, paper and pencil and hiring staffers to man the registration system, upload your attendee list, use a seating planner and let guests check themselves into the meeting.

Businesswoman check-in at kiosk

What’s needed? Professional grade internet, iPad rentals on kiosk stands with check-in and walk-in app, printers for badges and itinerary, reg and layout software for last minute cancellations and additions.

Type of event: Any event with more than fifty attendees.

Mobile Event App

No paper, binders or schedules. Everything is on the mobile device. Attendees will receive push notifications if things change and reminders about upcoming agenda items.

You’ll need to confer with attendees to ensure they have the right smartphone to handle the app, make a decision if you are using off-the-shelf or custom software and if the app will be native or web-based.

Woman receiving push notifications of event schedule

What’s needed?  Potentially tablet rentals for those that don’t have the right smartphone configuration, development time for the custom app and decision on where the app will reside (i.e., on the phone or in the cloud).

Types of events: Business conferences, technical events

Breakout Sessions or Meeting Presentations

Most speakers require five items when speaking:

  1. Laptop
  2. LCD Projector rental
  3. Their PowerPoint presentation
  4. One or more large monitors
  5. Microphone

We can provide all of these items by pre-loading PowerPoint and all presentations that will be in the room before the first person speaks. It’s particularly helpful when you want to load many presentations on the same computer.

Business speech with a projector screen

What’s needed? PowerPoint 365 or PowerPoint 2019 with Microsoft Windows 10.

Types of events: Media, sales conferences, marketing presentations

Attendee Tracking Systems

Wouldn’t it be nice if you knew how many people came to your meeting, what workshops they attended and how long they stayed in each one? Through a lead retrieval system, the scanning of wearables or a mobile app with NFC, event organizers can automatically share contact information with exhibitors and keep real-time track of their guests.

What is needed? Smartphones, NFC readers, wearable devices and off-the-shelf or custom apps.

Types of events: Employee meetings, VIP events, or outdoor gatherings

Polling Stations

Setting up kiosk rentals at strategic places throughout your conference encourages feedback. You will gain instant insight. Our team can collaborate with yours about the best locations, apps, and accessories to make sure the stations are visible to every attendee.

Tablets on kiosks for polling

What is needed? iPad rentals, kiosk stands, and locations attendees frequent often.

Types of events: Product launches, inaugural events, focus groups Now Offers Software Solutions

We will customize each rental for the purpose for which it’s intended. From the pre-loading of standard software to the creation of event applications, we’ll work with you to ensure you have everything you need.

Your conference planning experience will be less stressful and more successful if you book with us. Just request a quote now, and one of our experienced Account Executives will respond to you within fifteen minutes on all business days.

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