Dominate Software Development With These Killer Ideas

Software development jobs have taken off over the last few years, primarily due to new and exciting ways everyone is using technology. So, if you are an established developer, recently received your college degree, or are looking to freshen up your skills, here are five ways to stay current.

Software development

Artificial Intelligence

According to Gartner, the AI industry will generate $1.2 trillion of revenue by the end of this year. Even more unbelievable, it’s expected to reach $3.9 billion by 2022.

What tools are available? Google AI offers open source tools and resources for developers. Amazon Sagemaker is another resource for data scientists. IBM offers AI Development including a beginner’s guide to AI and machine learning.


The darling of the development field, blockchain is found in the financial, medical, and healthcare fields. Also, there’s great interest in governmental and supply chain organizations.

What tools are available? IBM Cloud Blockchain Platform 2.0  is free and allows users to deploy networks across multiple infrastructures and fosters consortium growth. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, or fraud. Parity is open-source software for building the decentralized web. Microsoft, Amazon, and Oracle have cloud-based solutions to support this technology.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Instead of downloading apps onto mobile devices, developers are designing apps to run in the browser. Apps will remain in the cloud where updates will occur and free up valuable resources on individual devices.

Progressive Web Apps

What tools are available? Google has put together a progressive web app checklist for developers to download. React is a Javascript library to help to build user interfaces. All PWAs must be over a secure network. With services like Cloudflare and LetsEncrypt, it is straightforward to get an SSL certificate.

Programming Languages

JavaScript provides a path for developers to become full stack implementors. If you used it, but you haven’t coded with it for years, this is the year for improvement.

What tools are available? The XTeam wrote an excellent blog post titled 36 Essential JavasScript Tools in 2019.

Go reduces run-time bugs, has improved performance compiles and has relatable syntax for writing.

What tools are available? Learn Go in Y minutes is an excellent site to get started with when learning it. has 212 Go online course.

Python is an interpreted, high-level, general-purpose programming language. First released in 1991, Python emphasizes code readability and provides constructs that enable explicit programming on both small and large scale projects.

What tools are available? Microsoft Visual Studio has many Python tools in addition to the open source site.

Augmented Reality (AR)

The new trend in the digital world, many people, consider AR to be only entertainment technology. Multiple industries like healthcare, e-commerce, and architecture use it now for practical applications.

Augmented reality for architecture

What tools are available? ARKit 2 resides within Apple’s iOS 12.0 operating system. Currently, it’s the biggest AR platform in the world. The apps can now be experienced by multiple users simultaneously and resumed at a later time in the same state. Google ARCore enables your phone to sense its environment, understand the world and interact with information. Some of the APIs are available across Android and iOS to enable shared AR experiences.


Developers need the right skills, tools, and hardware to be most effective in the job. If you have gaps in your learning, it’s never too late to train.

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