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Does your construction site office contribute to the productivity of your project or are on-site technology shortcomings draining your energy? If you’re running off-site to print payroll checks or to make copies of plans, your office may be draining your operational efficiency. Transporting, setting up, and maintaining office equipment in your construction site offices can be a costly hassle. Office equipment rentals allow you to provide the right equipment for your construction site offices while keeping your team focused on the task at hand. Let’s explore some of the office equipment rentals that can help make your construction site office more efficient and productive.

Construction office trailer

Staying productive in the field

Your site managers have reports and paperwork that must be completed every day. From reporting injuries to filing status reports, giving your team the tools they need enables them to get more done faster.

Laptop rentals and desktop rentals give your construction site teams the opportunity to stay productive without sacrificing efficiency. Whether your company prefers Mac or Windows machines, we have the laptops and desktops your team needs to make your construction site office run smoothly.


Instead of running back and forth from the regional office to the construction site to pick up printouts, payroll checks, and other paperwork, our multifunctional copier rentals and laser printer rentals let your field managers stay onsite and in control of the worksite. Allowing your managers and supervisors to quickly and easily print daily reports, important notices, and create and distribute copies of changes to plans in the field helps to increase productivity and keep everyone on the same page.

Construction workers

Make a connection

Laptops and desktops in the field are of little value if your team can’t use them to access email, send information to the other sites, or report incidents in real time. Our wireless Cradlepoint Hotspot rentals are an ideal solution for your construction site office. With models that accommodate up to 128 users, you can choose the best Cradlepoint model for you need based upon how many users you’ll have connected. As long as your site has power and a 3G or 4G signal, we can create a wireless network solution to keep your field construction team connected to your home office.

Protect your site and equipment

From the construction equipment you have on site to the health and safety of your crew, security camera rentals can help make your construction site more secure. Security camera rentals are a practical solution for the construction industry where the ease short term or limited term rentals are a better option than buying. Rather than having to deal with installing a system on your own, a team of technicians arrives at your site to set up your cameras at the beginning of your rental and comes back to tear down your cameras after your construction project ends. An NVR in your construction trailer keeps all of your footage secured until you need to view it. All your site needs is power and to have a clear line of sight anywhere cameras are needed on the site.

Construction site security

What’s your timeline?

Our office equipment rentals and security camera rentals are typically short-term rentals with definite start and end dates. We understand that construction projects may last for several months or even a year or may go over schedule or be completed sooner than expected. As long as you’re not looking to ‘rent to own’, our office equipment rentals can provide you with an ideal solution to equipping your construction site office without the hassle of transporting and setting up equipment. provides all of the office equipment rentals you need to outfit your construction site office. Just let us know what gear you need, and our technicians will arrive to deliver and install all of your equipment. From laptops to printers and hotspots, get a quote for all your construction site office equipment rental needs today!

Do you need office equipment rentals for your construction site in Los Angeles or San Diego, CA? services nationwide, and more!

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