Get Parents Involved: Academic Team Competition Play-Along

Academic team and quiz bowl competitions have long been a staple of the high school and college experience. Students are able to show off their scholastic prowess, teachers and administrators get to pat themselves on the back for the high-quality of their schools, and parents get to brag about their children’s performances. While these quiz bowl competitions are fun and engaging for students, the organizers of these events are missing out on the opportunity to include the audience in the fun.

Academic Quiz Event Rentals

Developing apps and offering tablet rentals that allow parents and others in the audience to play-along with the game not only keeps the audience engaged, it also extends the learning opportunity to non-students, keeps audience members from becoming restless, and, more importantly, keeps anxious parents and siblings from accidentally saying answers out loud. Here are a few ways that academic competition organizers can use technology to improve audience engagement and make judging easier at quiz competitions.

There’s an app for that

Just as with many other competitions and events, academic team competition apps can extend the gameplay to the audience, improving event engagement and creating a more exciting experience for all attendees. Apps should allow the audience to play-along, showing the questions to the audience at the same time they are revealed to students competing in the competition.

You can also use the app to display the bracket, scores, and standings of each team as the competition progresses. Since many academic competitions are double elimination, this allows audience members to better track the course of the competition.


Playing along with your family and friends during competition engages parents, siblings, and other family members and friends in the learning process. In addition to the educational aspect, play-along opportunities also help keep bored siblings (and parents) entertained.

Voting smartphone application

You can encourage attendees to bring their own device and install the app upon arrival. You can also provide iPad rentals or smartphone rentals to attendees who did not bring one – this is also a good option if you’re not quite ready to have your app open to the wider public, since guests will only have access to the app on your rented equipment.

Make hosting and judging easier

One of the bottlenecks of any event is registration. If you’re hosting a national academic team or quiz bowl competition, you may have hundreds of students who need to register or sign in each day. Rather than wasting time (and increasing the likelihood of error) with paper sign-in sheets, tablets or iPads make registration quick and easy. You can also capture email addresses of student competitors and their parents for your mailing list and future competition notifications.

Most academic team competitions have a panel of judges to track scores and decide if answers are acceptable or not. Keeping score in fast-paced competition needs to be foolproof. Instead of relying on tick marks on paper, scorekeeping on tablets allows judges to easily compare scores on specific questions and identify discrepancies. Learn more about how technology rentals make hosting and judging competitions and tournaments easier.

Interested in attending or applying to participate in an upcoming academic team competition? Here are just a few of the oldest and most prestigious tournaments in the United States.

National Academic Quiz Tournaments

Quiz bowls presented by National Academic Quiz Tournaments allows teams of students from middle school through college to participate in head-to-head competition. Want to flex your mind muscle and demonstrate your knowledge of a wide range of subjects, including history, science, sports, current events, and pop culture? Check out upcoming tournaments and see if your team is eligible for the National Championships.

Questions Unlimited

Questions Unlimited offers students from upper elementary through high school the opportunity to participate in academic tournaments and competitions throughout the year, culminating in the National Academic Championships.

US Academic Bee and Bowl

The US Academic Bee and Bowl offers academic quiz competitions for students in elementary and middle school. The unique set up of US Academic Bee and Bowl competitions allows students to display both classroom knowledge as well as their grasp of pop culture.

Make your event more engaging

Audience and attendee engagement is a prime goal (and a challenge) for all types of competitions and events. Offering parents and other guests the opportunity to play-along on tablets and smartphones during tournaments gives you the chance to extend the fun (and learning experience) of competition beyond the students. Our tablet and smartphone rentals are surprisingly affordable, and you can even work the cost of rental into the competition fees – making it cost-effective for you to spread the fun beyond the competition stage.

Event production services

Need to rent tablets, iPads, or smartphones for your next regional or national academic team competition?  No matter how many tablets you need, has all the latest models of tablets and iPad products to match your competition needs. Just let us know what gear you need, and our technicians will arrive to deliver and set up all of your equipment. Get a quote for all your tablet rental needs today!

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