Getting Ready for Battle: Equipment for Your Legal War Room

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When you’re going to battle for a client, setting up a fully equipped legal war room is an essential step to ensuring that your team can mount the best case possible. If you’re traveling far from your home offices to conduct a trial, you shouldn’t have to worry about whether the technology you need will be available when your team arrives. Our legal war room technology  rentals give you and your client the peace of mind that you need to keep your eye focused on the real goal – getting the result you want at trial. Here are is a look at the legal war room technology solutions that we have to offer you and your team. Contact us today for more details or to get a quote for your legal war room needs.

Temporary offices

If you’re traveling outside of your practice’s home city or state, you’ll probably need to identify temporary office space that you can use for your legal war room. You may be able to set up a short-term lease in a traditional office building, but these are often extremely pricey. As an alternative, you can look for co-share office spaces that allow you to rent dedicated office spaces, including conference rooms, on a weekly or monthly basis. This option allows you to add space as needed and gives you the ability to rent additional smaller office spaces for working on sensitive information related to the case. Once you’ve identified your space, we can deploy your legal war room tech rentals to be set up by one of our professional technicians.

Stay connected

Keeping your team in constant contact is vital to giving your client the best possible representation. Being able to access documents from your secure cloud is essential for your team to put the best case together and our Cradlepoint Hotspot rentals ensure that you have fast and secure access to the internet whenever you need it. Able to handle up to 128 user connections at any given time, the Cradlepoint has service available through multiple carriers (including AT&T and Verizon), making it your gateway to the internet in your legal war room.

Office equipment

Make sure that your team is able to stay productive even away from your home office with the highest quality laptops, desktops, and tablets on the market. Your client’s representation should never suffer just because your team doesn’t have the technology resources it needs.

Laptops are essential items for any legal war room. Whether your team prefers the stylish offerings of the MacBook Pro or the intuitiveness of a Windows laptop, we have the right laptop rental solutions to meet your needs.

Legal scales

If your case involves a lot of video or graphic elements, you may need the power of a desktop to help your team process all that data. From All-in-One machines to the iMac Pro and gaming PCs to help process large amounts of video, you’re sure to find the right desktop rental solutions for your legal war room with us. Best of all – we can even pre-load your rentals with the legal software you need to make sure that your team can get to work as soon as they arrive in your war room.

With tablets, sharing information, communicating, and digital notetaking on the go is easier than ever before. Even when you’re sitting in the courtroom, your legal team can easily share vital information using our iPad rentals or Android tablet rentals without worrying about being overheard by opposing counsel or members of the public in the gallery. Need the portability of a tablet with the power of a laptop? Our Microsoft Surface Book rentals let you get serious work done while offering the ability to make notes directly onscreen with the included stylus.

Let’s talk

If you’re coordinating with team member across various locations, you need the right equipment to make sure that your team is able to communicate effectively. If you need to hold regular conversations with your teams, our teleconferencing rentals allow you to keep up a steady line of communication with your team. For presentations to team members in different locations or to share more visual heavy information, our video teleconferencing rentals allow you to quickly and easily communicate with your entire team.

Show and tell

Collaboration is essential to building a successful case for your client. Our Microsoft Surface Hub rentals serve as an all in one digital whiteboard, collaboration tool, and presentation center that allows your team to collaborate, brainstorm and review evidence while making notes on the screen for sharing in real time. The Hub allows you to take notes directly on the whiteboard screen, while also reviewing documents, and keeping your team in the field apprised via Skype – all at the same time. With the Hub, you can effortlessly share content, send meeting notes, and communicate action steps in the blink of an eye.

Documents on demand

Printers and copiers for legal offices

Legal war rooms are intrinsically paper heavy. Court systems often require multiple copies of filings, discovery evidence, and other paperwork. In court proceedings, time is of the essence – and you don’t have to waste it waiting for a courier to go to the copy store.

Our multifunctional copier rentals allow you to print, scan, fax, and collate copies all with one easy to use machine. For smaller scale printing, we also offer laser and deskjet printer rentals for your legal team. With all the sensitive information your team will be handling, you’ll need a way to make sure that none of that data gets compromised. Our cross-cut paper shredder rentals are capable of shredding up to 25 feet of paper per second and can also handle staples, paper clips, and CDs.

Making the case for war room tech rentals

You have enough to worry about when building your case for trial, let us handle the technology for your legal war room. From laptops to desktops and Wi-Fi hotspots to shredders, we have all the rental technology you need to fully equip your legal war room. Just let us know what gear you need, and our technicians will arrive to deliver and install all of your equipment.  Whether you’re handling a class action lawsuit in Scottsdale, AZ, or protecting a high value defendant in Tampa, FL, we can help! Get a quote for all your war room tech equipment rental needs today!

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