Event Planning with Rentacomputer.com and the Events Industry Council

Rentacomputer.com and Events Industry Council
Rentacomputer.com is a proud sponsor of the Events Industry Council (EIC). We have been proudly serving the events industry since 1987, and welcome the opportunity to connect with members of the council. The EIC is the premier organization for Certified Meeting Professionals (CMPs) and other event planners. Let’s learn how to become a more successful event planner with the EIC and Rentacomputer.com.

Who We Work With

An event professional structures an event and coordinates all of the moving parts. Event planners, meeting planners and convention planners alike; do everything they can to make sure these events go smoothly. Before the event this can include choosing locations, organizing technology rentals–from tablets to video walls,  hiring entertainment and food, and arranging lodging and transportation for attendees all while managing a budget.

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Before and during the event, event professionals need make sure all of these moving parts are going off without a hitch. Event planners simply don’t have enough time during events to make sure all of their technology is working properly, they need a full service event solution for technology. From setup to completion, Rentacomputer.com offers customer support for all projects which require the rental and configuration of technology equipment, as well as a host of services including Event Production Service, Presentation Services, Video Production Services, and Software Services tailored specifically to your needs. To put it simply, if technology is involved — we can help. Our experienced rental agents can even offer you support and guidance based on what you want out of your event and budget.

How to Become a CMP

Through their Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) programme, the Events Industry Council seeks to advance the events industry and the professionals who lead the business of meetings. Launched in 1985, the CMP credential is now recognized globally in the events industry. In fact, according to an industry study recently conducted by the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA), meeting planners with a CMP certification earn on average $10,000 more than their non-certified counterparts. The qualifications for certification are based on professional experience, education and a rigorous exam.

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Rentacomputer.com Proudly Sponsors the Events Industry Council

We are a proud sponsor of the Events Industry Council; and together we can continue to push the standards of excellence in the events industry. With your CMP certification and our event production services, we can truly create valuable, effective and extraordinary events together. With all of our custom configurations and service solutions, your options are truly limitless! Tell us about your dream event and our experienced rental agents will work with you and your budget. Contact one of our Tech Travel Agents today for a free consultation.

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