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Experiential Marketing

Creating a lasting impression on consumers that leads to brand loyalty is the goal of experiential marketing. By making events more immersive, experiential marketing engages consumers using branded experience that impacts the consumer in ways that traditional marketing just can’t achieve. When effectively implemented, experiential marketing allows event planners and brands to let consumers see and feel what their lives would be like with a product – leading to increased sales and greater brand loyalty. Since experiential marketing is all about immersing the consumer is a live event experience, utilizing the right technology to create that experience is key. From big displays and sound equipment to tablets and VR devices, here are just a few of the technology rentals you can utilize to make your experiential marketing campaign a success.

Seeing is believing

Augmented reality (AR) that allows consumers to see or interact with your product in their home is a guaranteed way to leave an impression. When mega-brand Ikea wanted to help their shoppers make better decisions about which furniture pieces were right for their homes, they created Ikea Place. This augmented reality application allows users to virtually place any item in the Ikea catalog in their home, helping them make better buying decisions.

Using AR in experiential marketing campaigns allows event planners to build a greater rapport with consumers or event attendees. An app that allows event attendees to use your iPad rentals to snap a selfie and virtually try-on of your eyeglasses – and email their favorite selections to themselves – creates more buzz than a catalog of new designs or a link to a website ever could. You can even let your consumers share their excitement with others on video wall rentals or social media wall rentals.

Put your audience in the action

Bump up your experiential marketing campaign by taking advantage of every opportunity to put your consumers in the middle of the action with your product through virtual reality. The advances in VR technology have enabled brands to deliver once-in-a-lifetime experiences to consumers, resulting in an instant connection between the brand and the customer.

Virtual reality driving nascar

NASCAR is using VR technology to not only connect with its existing fans, but to attract a younger audience as well. The NASCAR Championship in Miami, Florida featured live and on-demand virtual reality that put fans in the pre-race drivers’ meeting and the NASCAR garage. NASCAR has already announced that it expects to create a 360-degree virtual reality experience that places audiences in the driver’s seat during races.

Virtual reality headset rentals allow your consumers to interact with your product in a more concrete way, transforming your product from an abstraction into a reality. From a tour of an ancient ruin to a ride on your latest roller coaster, VR helps turn your consumers’ mundane trade show attendance into the experience of a lifetime. Don’t forget about your larger audience – use video wall rentals and television rentals to allow those not wearing a headset to see what’s going on inside the simulation and generates excitement and interest for when it’s their turn.

Transport your audience

Always on the cutting edge of fashion and music, it’s not surprising that the organizers of Coachella have also taken a leading role in the future of experiential marketing. For the 2017 festival held just outside of Palm Springs, California, organizers gave attendees a one-of-a-kind done experience. Chrysalis “The Antarctic” Experience featured a massive 60-foot high dome where attendees were dazzled with the life cycle of a caterpillar as it transformed into a butterfly, alien landings, and geometric shapes tripping through the cosmos.

The enormous project required 15 high-powered large venue projector rentals to cover the entire surface and was complemented by state-of-the-art sound system rentals that transported attendees from the desert of Southern California on a cosmic journey. Though organizers were initially told that their vision was too grandiose, their determination and the creative use of event rental technology made the experience a reality for thousands of festival-goers.

Create a digital hub

Charging stations, kiosks, tablesNot all experiential marketing has to be flashy or cutting edge. Consumers and attendees alike often appreciate the relative calm of a hub or relaxation area where they can take a break from the buzz of the event, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create an immersive brand experience within that space.

For the 2014 US Open in Pinehurst, North Carolina, the US Open American Express Fan Experience offered attendees a complete digital experience. RFID-enable wristbands gave AmEx holders exclusive access to the experience zone, including a 180-degree rally cam, social media walls featuring social media conversations and live news feeds of the US Open, and a life-size hologram of tennis champion Sloane Stephen that cardholders could snap a photo with. Attendees could even charge their cell phones at cell phone charging station rentals – making sure they stayed up to date on the tournament and connected to the wider world throughout the event.

A new way to connect with your audience

As consumers increasingly demand personalization, the ability of experiential marketing to elevate the connections that your brand builds with your consumers is priceless. Utilizing technology rentals to create more immersive experiential marketing campaigns to help consumers better understand your product and to create experiences that build lifelong brand loyalty can help your company keep up with the expectations and demands of your consumers while staying on budget.

If you’re launching a technology-driven experiential marketing campaign, it’s essential that you have the basics to support all that tech. Wi-Fi hotspot rentals help make sure that all of your users are able to quickly and consistently connect to the internet throughout the event and our high-performance server rentals are optimized to handle your marketing technology needs. can meet all of your laptop, tablet, audiovisual, and Wi-Fi hotspot rental needs. Just let us know the equipment that you need and our technicians will ensure that all of your event technology rentals are delivered and set up on time at your event. We can even work with your venue to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with any existing onsite equipment. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

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