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iPads at a business event

iPads are one of the most popular rental items for businesses and events and many of your attendees probably have at least one at home, so why not take advantage of the popularity of these devices to take your event to the next level. Supporting a nearly endless array of applications and featuring touch screen functionality, our iPad rentals help keep your attendees productive and engaged. Read on to learn how iPad rentals can help you integrate crowd-wowing technology into your event without breaking the bank.

The right model for your needs

With so many iPad rental options, it can be difficult to know which one is right for your event. With so many models to choose from, our tech rental experts will work with you and your team to find the right option for you.

With a large 12.9-inch screen and super-fast processing power, our iPad Pro rentals are ideal for creative professionals who want the best iPad experience possible. With a 120Hz refresh rate, the iPad Pro is also an excellent option for training events that are heavy on video demonstrations. Accessories like the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil make it easy for creatives to multitask while staying productive.

For your next professional conference, our iPad Air rentals provide the productivity features your attendees need.  Supporting both the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, the iPad Air offers a 10.5-inch display and powerful processing to allow your attendees to stay productive and engaged at your event.

For mobile gaming tournaments, our iPad Mini rentals offer a 10.5-inch display and a powerful A12 Bionic chip to give your gamers the ultimate tablet gaming experience. Newer generations of the iPad Mini also support True Tone technology that delivers a more authentic and natural viewing experience for your gamers.

Available iPad models for rent


If your event space isn’t up to the task of handling your events Wi-Fi demands, our 4G data plans allow you to provide fast, reliable internet access for your guests without having to sign a long-term contract with a cell phone company. If cell phone signals are an issue, we also offer wireless access points, like the Freedom WiFi hotspot, to make sure that your iPads are able to connect quickly and easily.

Make accepting payments at events and seasonal pop-up shops easier with the iPad Square Stand. Packed with great features, the iPad Square Stand easily connects to your cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners via USB. The Square Stand secures your iPad rentals in place and locks to your checkout counter to prevent theft, which its swivel feature makes it easy for your staff and customers to use. Through the Square Point of Sale app, you can run and grow your business from your iPad rentals – even managing inventory and gaining insight about which products are most popular with your customers.

iPad rentals make it easy for your guests to engage with your event but after hours in conference sessions, you may find your attendees cutting out early to charge their devices. Charging station rentals give your guests the power to charge several iPad units at once. For large conference centers where outlets are at a premium, our charging stations provide power to all your iPad rentals without taking up valuable outlet space.

iPad kiosks and charging station rentals

Think about usage

While Apple has long been considered the go-to brand for creatives, our iPad rentals are an ideal solution for all of your event and office needs. Whether you need a trade show element to capture the attention of attendees or a tool to collect marketing survey data, we have iPad rental options to help you achieve all of your event goals.

The touch screen interface of all iPad models makes them uniquely suited for creating interactive elements to help attract traffic to your trade show booth. Combining your iPad rental with our iPad kiosk rentals provides an affordable and easy to set up interactive option to help increase engagement at your next trade show. Check out 4 Reasons iPad Rentals are Great for Marketing and Branding for more ideas about how you can use iPads to boost your marketing game.

For marketing and political surveys, iPad rentals provide a fast and easy way for your team to conduct valuable data collection activities in a fraction of the time. While most people will sneak by your team members who are loaded down with clipboards and paper survey forms, iPad surveys can actually result in higher response rates, especially among the coveted 18- to 35-year-old demographic. You can also eliminate time and errors incurred when transposing data from paper surveys into your database. For more tips, read Mobile Solutions Make Conducting Marketing Surveys Easier.  

Price points that won’t break the bank

Every event has a budget, and we offer multiple iPad solutions to suit yours. Our transparent pricing model puts you in control of your iPad rental costs. Whether you need 100 iPad Minis by tomorrow afternoon or 15 iPad Pros next month, we can meet all of your event rental needs.

Rent an ipad

There are several factors that influence final rental costs. While the length of time you need your rentals is one major factor, we also take into account how quickly you need your items delivered, how many devices you need, the iPad model and generation you choose, and if you need additional resources like wireless access points. Our technology rental agents will walk you through the rental process, work with you to figure out the model that best meets your needs, and any additional features you may need. Our comprehensive approach allows us to give you a quote specific to your event and rental needs.

When you rent from us, you get the best equipment and top-of-the-line support. Our trained technicians deliver, set up, and prepare all of your iPad rentals so that you and your event planner can focus on delivering the best experience for your event attendees. Our agents coordinate all the logistics of delivery and installation and can have techs on call to troubleshoot and fix any problems that may arise with your rental technology. Get a quote for your computer lab rental today.

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