On the Big Screen: Event Rental Equipment to Make Your Film Festival a Success

Film festivals draw tens of thousands of film buffs from across the US every year. From Tribeca to Sundance, every event planner knows that a successful film festival isn’t just about the films on display. Offering guests the right experience, ease of access, and providing the right amount of hype are all essential to making sure that your event becomes an in-demand film festival experience for cinephiles. Here are just a few suggestions for event rental equipment that can help make your next film festival a must-have ticket.

Film festival setup

The Big Screen

Give your event-goers the experience of a lifetime with a large venue projector rental to create truly enormous film displays for your audience. Available in a wide variety of sizes and costs, our large venue projectors provide a crisp, clear resolution and are fully customizable for a range of viewing experiences.

Large venue projector rentals are a cost-effective means of creating a one-of-a-kind display for your film festival or viewing event. Available from 5,000 lumen to 10,000+ lumen, our large venue projector rentals are hand-delivered and set up by one of our technicians. These trained and experienced techs will ensure that all of your equipment is running properly when it comes time to begin your showing. Our handy Projector Selection Guide can even help you select the right large scale projector rental for your next film festival.

Social media displays

Film festival attendees and judges are often the first audiences to view future blockbusters – and their opinions matter. Create a buzz around the flicks premiering at your festival by sharing viewers’ (spoiler-free!) reviews for all to see.

With social media wall rentals, you can engage with festival attendees and share social media posts in real-time. The integrated software allows you to easily display posts and feeds from social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and others with automatic real-time updates. Want to plug multiple films in one location? We can help you create an entire social media wall by combining multiple 60-inch HD displays.

Video walls

Nothing captures the attention of festival attendees faster than a hot trailer. Instead of boring audiences with too many trailers before your films, video walls strategically placed throughout the festival area let you create hype for the latest films.

Video wall rentals seamlessly combine multiple HD monitors to make one large display to wow festival-goers. Whether you want all of your displays working together to share the hottest trailers or want to show the latest reviews or posters for films at the festival, we offer the right video wall solution for you – no matter the size or configuration you need. From quote request to set-up, our experts work with you to make sure that your video walls are the right size and configuration – including delivery and on-site setup.

Video walls and digital advertising

Digital signage

With film festivals usually take advantage of multiple screens within a theatre. Instead of the standard LED sign above the door showing the name of the film, set your festival apart by providing a little more punch to your theatre displays.

Digital signage rentals help attract attention to the films featured at your festival. From digital posters outside each theatre to more advanced displays, digital signage provides a major upgrade to your average paper posters or stationary displays. You can even use digital signage to create interactive displays that allow festival-goers to rate or review films as they leave the theatre or to cast their vote for the “fan favorite” award.

RFID badges and tickets

Organizing a film festival is hard enough without the hassle of dealing with more paper. Replace traditional paper tickets with RFID badges and tickets that incorporate the best of ticketing, payment, and access control.

If your film festival includes behind-the-scenes opportunities for attendees to purchase, RFID printer rentals allow you to create badges and tickets that help event security and ticketing agents quickly see what areas of the event each attendee has access to. Guests can even use their RFID badges or wristbands to take charge of their event experience by registering their badge before the event with their contact information, email address, and other information. If your festival includes sponsors, you can even offer sponsors a placement on attendee passes or opt for just your festival logo.

rfid readers and badges

Our NFC-enable Android smartphone rentals and iPhone rentals can easily read RFID tickets, allowing you to streamline the check-in, ticketing, and purchasing processes. If your festival includes a gift shop or other retail component, you can make it even easier for guests to purchase memorabilia by offering the option to connect their debit or credit card to their RFID badge.

Top 3 Cities for Film Festivals

The 43 years, Atlanta Film Festival has called The ATL home. Not only is this festival one of the largest and oldest continuously running film festivals in the country, but it is also one of only 20 Academy-qualifying festivals for narrative, animated, and documentary shorts!

Austin has the distinction of hosting multiple film festivals every year. SXSW Film Festival is known for featuring cutting-edge drama, comedies, and high-brow documentaries for a young, engaged audience. Meanwhile, the Austin Film Festival is lauded for its focus on celebrating the art of storytelling and praising the work of film writers as part of its 8-day film festival and 4-day film making and writing conference.

Seeking out the best local filmmakers and showcasing the best of international cinema, the Chicago Film Festival has been the proving ground of directors like Martin Scorsese and Bertrand Tavernier. America’s longest-running competitive film festival continues to push the boundaries by providing festival-goers with an alternative cinematic experience.

Make your film festival truly magical

With more than 3,000 film festivals vying for the attention of cinema aficionados, setting your event apart from the rest is key to drawing attendees year after year. Creating a unique experience for your festival-goers doesn’t have to be out of reach. Our event rental services can help you create a one-of-a-kind experience that viewers will never forget.

Rentacomputer.com can meet all of your film festival equipment rental needs. From social media walls and RFID printers to WiFi hotspot rentals and brandable cell phone charging stations, we have the equipment you need and our skilled technicians ensure that all of your event technology rentals are delivered and properly set up. We can even work with your venue to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with existing on-site equipment. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

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