Ideas for Using iPads to Increase Guest Engagement at Your Next Event

Hosting a big event? You want guests to have fun and feel engaged. Here are some ideas for using iPads to increase guest participation and solidify your brand.

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It can be quite stressful having to put a large event together. There are so many different aspects that need to coordinated, organized, ordered and arranged. There’s a reason that event planners are so consistently under pressure; they were even listed in the top 5 most stressful jobs in America in 2018.

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If you’re putting together an event, increasing guest engagement is probably one of your biggest goals. But how do you keep a guest engaged and locked in with the event around them? There are many ways, but maybe one you haven’t considered: using iPads. Creative iPad use can make your event stand out from others. There are many ways to use new tablet technology to make your event a hit. Read on for three of our best ideas.

1. A More Efficient Check-In System

Even once an event is up and running, there are certain logistics that will need to be taken care of. Check-in via ipad, tabletCheck-in and registration is a frequently stress-inducing part of any event. Guests to want to get in as quick as possible, and you want to ensure that the event is organized and under control.

Utilizing an iPad check-in system can make everyone happy. There is a number of check-in apps available to download for use at your event and most are simple to use. Your event staff can then check people in a much more efficient manner. Their simplicity even allows them to be a perfect last-minute solution.

Apple iPads allow them to be more mobile and float through an event floor if need be. You can also have iPad kiosks set up for you and have guests sign in themselves at the entrances. This can help you put your staff’s services to better use. iPad kiosks can be locked so you don’t have to worry about someone watching the sign-in booth.

2. Create A Mobile Photobooth

One of the most essential jobs you have as an event planner is to ensure that all of your guests have a great time. As such, it’s key to have elements of your event that help guests to let loose and enjoy themselves.

A photo booth rental is a great way to get guests engaged and excited about your event. Prop an iPad style kiosk in front of a creative backdrop and let guests document their best memories of the night. For extra fun, leave various props that fit with your event that guests can use in their photos.


The photos will serve a second purpose when your guests post them online the following day, sharing their memories of the great night they had. Marketing doesn’t get any easier than that!Photo booth rentals, photo kiosk rentals

3. Interactive Information

Want to keep your guests informed and engaged over a long evening? Leave out a few mobile kiosks that have power-point slides opened up on the screen. Guests can stroll the event and swipe through your carefully curated presentations for further info on the subject of your event.

You can even include videos in these presentations that guests can stop and watch at their own leisure.

Using iPads To Make A Splash At Your Event

Using iPads at your event is just one way to help your function stand out from the rest. There are endless creative and exciting ways you can use these tablets to make your guests’ night a memorable one. iPads can also be employed for reasons other than entertainment — they are often used for campaigning, marketing, product presentations or demos, and even mobile payment processing. If you’re looking into renting iPads, you may also be interested in mobile charging station rentals — after all, your guests can’t socialize about your event online if their phones aren’t charged!

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