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Conferences and trade shows are often day-long events that require guests to be moving and engaging with others without access to power for extended periods. With more conference and trade show attendees relying on their cell phones and other devices to store contact information for vendors and other guests, charging station rentals are an excellent way to help boost the length of time attendees stay engaged and the amount of face time you get with each visitor to your trade show booth. Here are just a few ways that charging station rentals can help power your event – big or small – while providing additional branding and engagement opportunities.

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Large trade show and event solutions

We’ve all been there. You’re making your rounds on the trade show floor or enjoying a session at a conference when you hear the telltale beep from your cell phone informing you that your battery is almost dead. With electrical outlets filled up by vendors or blocked by displays, attendees are often left with the choice of putting up with a dead battery or heading to their room or car to let it charge while they miss out on the event.

For large trade shows and conferences, the prospect of having hundreds or thousands of attendees with cords strewn about and searching for an elusive outlet is less than ideal. While many event planners opt for iPad rentals or laptop rentals to make it easier for attendees to engage with their events, these devices will probably still need to be recharged at some point during the day. If the idea of managing 100 charging cables (and keeping them from getting tangled) seems too much, charging station rentals provide a neat, clean, and convenient solution to recharge your rented devices and those that guests bring with them.

Did you know that the average amount of time that a trade show attendee spends at a vendor’s booth is only 3-4 minutes? And that’s if they stop at all. Charging station rentals, like our Flex Charging Stand, offer guests something they need, while providing you with additional time to engage them at your booth. Use the HD LCD display on top of the kiosk to advertise your current promotions, service offerings, or hot new products. The Flex Charging Stand even includes a customizable base that can be wrapped with a branded skin or custom color scheme and is compatible with all cell phones and tablets on the market. So next time an attendee stops by your booth, ask them if they need to charge their phone or iPad and gain yourself an extra 10-15 minutes of their attention.

If your conference area is a little tight on space, the Flex Tabletop Charging Station offers all the same benefits of its big brother in a more compact form. The 20” HD screen is perfect for product demonstration videos, marketing content, customer testimonials, or to display your logo.

Powering your small and medium size event attendees

Just because an event isn’t drawing thousands doesn’t mean that powering attendees’ devices is any less important. In fact, small and medium size events are often the worst place for guests to find themselves without power since the absence of even a couple dozen attendees will likely have a huge impact. Help keep your attendees happy and connected with scaled-down charging station rental options.

With 18 device ports, the Power Method is a master at providing maximum charging power while taking up a tiny amount of space. Don’t let its small size fool you, the Power Method is more than capable of providing quick charges for your guests’ phones, tablets, and laptops. You can even get customizable skins and add your event logo or sponsor logos to the wrap.

If your conference or seminar requires guests to gather around a table for discussions, work groups, or breakouts, our Power Method B and C box charging stations offer an ideal recharging solution. With support for up to 5 devices at once, the convenient USB port charging makes these two compact workhorses ideal for powering a wide range of device types.

Don’t let limited access to electrical outlets prevent you from offering your guests access to recharging stations. The portable PowerBox provides 10 hours of power with no outlet required. Supporting 100% of devices on the market, the PowerBox is able to fully charge up to 50 devices and offers multiple opportunities for event or sponsorship branding.

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Charge with ease

Does your event have a centrally located space for networking or taking a break from the event? Cocktail social hours or impromptu gatherings provide a convenient, more relaxed opportunity for your guests to recharge – body and devices.

Charging Table rentals provide more than just an opportunity for guests to recharge their devices. These cocktail height tables also offer attendees a place to set down their notebooks, drinks, or other items while they’re networking or taking a breather. The convenient wheels and casters make it easy to move your Charging Tables about the space as needed, while the multicolor LED lighting makes it easy for guests to locate the nearest charging opportunity. The Charging Table also offers multiple spaces for branding and advertising.

iPad chargers

Whether you opted to provide iPad rentals for your guests to use during your event or they’ve brought their own, these devices will need to be recharged at some point during your event. While guests can charge their iPads on many of our other charging stations, iPad Charging Station rentals come standard with built-in cooling fans and USB ports for charging multiple devices at once. You can opt for a custom logo or branding wrap to offer sponsorship or advertising opportunities with your iPad Charging Station.

Fully customizable

All of our charging station rentals are fully customizable with your event’s logos, custom colors, and interactive branding opportunities. From kiosks to tables and lockers, you can outfit your charging station with your own logos or use them as sponsorship opportunities to increase your event’s revenue. The interactive touch screen on top of the kiosk can even be used to display your social media channels, contests, marketing videos, or product demonstrations.

Charging stations for mobile devices

Giving your event an extra boost

Engaging with guests has never been easier than with charging station rentals. Over the course of your trade show or conference, every attendee will need to recharge their cell phone, iPad, or laptop at some point – and a charging station gives you the perfect opportunity to encourage them to stop your booth. You can even use the interactive touch screen to collect contact information or share your marketing message with attendees. Recharge your attendees’ devices and expand your interaction opportunities by talking to one of our rental agents today.

Rentacomputer.com can meet all of your event equipment rental needs. From social media walls and RFID printers to WiFi hotspot rentals and branded swag vending machine rentals, we have the equipment you need and our skilled technicians ensure that all of your event technology rentals are delivered and properly set up. We can even work with your venue to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with existing on-site equipment. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

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