The Hottest Event Tech Rentals for BYOD Gaming Tournaments

Let’s face it–gaming and eSports tournaments are mostly for and about the competitors, but growing the popularity of the sport means getting audiences more engaged in the action. With many gaming and eSports tournaments opting to go the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) route to save on hardware rental costs, tournament planners have more time and energy to devote to ensuring that they have the event tech rentals they need, like video walls, backup gaming computers, WiFi hotspots and more, to keep their audience excited and fully immersed in the gameplay along with competitors. Here are just a few of the hottest event tech rentals for BYOD gaming tournaments. 

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Show and tell

Audience engagement is the key to a successful gaming tournament. With players engrossed in the action on their monitors and hosts busy keeping an eye on the action, making sure that the audience is in on the action is an often overlooked segment of many tournaments. 

Video wall rentals help attendees (and competitors between games) stay connected and engaged in what’s happening. Fully configurable to any size, our video wall rentals support an array of inputs including HDMI, DVI, Display Port, and more – making them ideal for venues of any size. Whether your event is at a convention center or a giant arena, our video walls are available in the size, resolution, and dimensions you need to create an eye-catching display for your audience. 

Want even more help executing your event? Check out Discover Our Event Production Services to learn more about how we can help take the pressure off your team and let you focus on what matters – making your event a success.

Blow it up

Give your event the WOW factor by using large venue projector rentals to create truly enormous gameplay displays for your audience. With clear, crisp resolution and projector screens in a wide variety of sizes, our large venue projector rentals allow you to customize the viewing experience for your attendees. 

Large venue projector rentals are a cost-effective means of creating one-of-a-kind displays for your gaming tournament. Available from 5,000 lumen to 10,000+ lumen, our large venue projector rentals can be hand delivered and set up by one of our technicians to ensure that all of your equipment is ready to go when your event starts or we can ship your rentals and let your IT team handle the setup. Our handy Projector Selection Guide can even help you select the right large scale projector rental for your next gaming tournament. 

Projector at an eSports event

Stay connected

The bandwidth required to run a gaming tournament can easily overwhelm even the most high-tech of event venues. That’s why our Freedom Wi-Fi Hotspot rentals are fully scalable to handle any amount of users your tournament can throw at it.

Bonding multiple LTE connections from the top U.S. carriers, our Freedom Wi-Fi Hotspot rentals provide quick and easy internet access for all of your attendees at speeds of up to 150 MBps and include unlimited data. Is your event starting soon and your team just realized the onsite network may not be able to handle all of your attendees? No problem – there are no last minute order penalties for our Freedom Wi-Fi Hotspot rentals. 

Always have a backup plan

When you plan a BYOD gaming tournament, you never know when the worst might happen. A competitor’s hardware may get lost or damaged in transit or a monitor could be broken. That’s where we come in – we can offer backup gaming computers and additional monitors for your players. 

At, we know that Gaming is Serious Business. That’s why we offer the highest quality, top performing gaming desk rentals featuring GTX 1080 graphics cards to keep your competitors immersed in the gameplay. 

Powering your BYOD gaming tournament

Our rental agents will walk you through the rental process, work with you to figure out the event technology that best meets your needs, and provide you with any additional equipment that you may need to make your gaming tournament a success. Our comprehensive approach allows us to give you a quote specific to your event and technological needs. 

When you rent from us, you get the best equipment and top-of-the-line support. Our trained technicians deliver, set up, and prepare all of your gaming tournament rentals so that you and your event planner can focus on delivering the best experience for your event attendees and competitors. Our agents coordinate all the logistics of delivery and installation and can have techs on call to troubleshoot and fix any problems that may arise with your rental technology. Get a quote for your event tech rental today.

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**Are you part of an eSports team or gaming community? If so, keep in mind we would love to help supply the gaming hardware for your next event, however, we are strictly a business to business rental firm. Since gaming teams, clubs, and comminutes of gamers would not qualify as a business, simply ask your corporate sponsor if they are willing to place the order for your gaming event on your behalf.


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