Benefits of Renting vs Buying Laptops for Your Events

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Laptops are the core of many of today’s most successful events, but buying the tech you need to pull off a show-stopper can be costly. Due to hidden fees involved in buying the latest technology, final costs can be well beyond the price tag associated with purchasing a few dozen or hundred laptops. If you sidestep the hidden costs of purchasing event tech by renting the laptops you need for your events, you’ll always have the latest technology at your disposal at a fraction of the cost. Here are just a few of the many benefits of renting laptops and other technology for event production.

Update March 2020: Storage Delays in Asia

Has your business been affected by the temporary shut down of many corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores across China? Those affected include Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Tesla, Google products, and more. If you were expecting a delivery from these or other companies based in China, you could be waiting a lot longer than a typical delivery. Experts are warning that some companies are underestimating the impact of production delays amid the crisis in China.

Because many products are manufactured in China or use Chinese vendors, experts are warning customers to expect shortages for smartphones, VR headsets, and other tech produced by Foxconn, Pegatron, and other manufacturing facilities based in Asia. Several electronics companies have been informed it could take up to three times as long for PCs and parts to be delivered to the United States.

Solution: Tech rentals

Unless you work very closely with component suppliers, like Apple or Samsung–and were able to pay upfront–you could potentially be seeing a long delay for any PCs and parts to be delivered. IPC, an association of electronics companies, said to expect a three-week delay in shipments on average.

If you can’t wait for an extra 3 weeks (or more) for your computers and other technology to be shipped, there is an easy solution: temporary technology rentals.

When you rent computers, laptops, tablets, and other equipment you don’t have to worry about whether the products are going to arrive on time. That’s because we already have a huge stock of the latest technology products located right here in the United States.

Are you already running behind due to shipping delays from another supplier? We can even preload software onto all of your rental devices to save you time and hassle.

Banish storage woes

Laptops are a huge investment and when you purchase a large number of laptops for your events, you need a lot of secure space to store them. Unless your building has a ton of extra space where you can store all of that new equipment, you’ll need to rent a storage unit–and not just any storage space will do. Protecting the investment you’ve made means securing your laptops in a climate-controlled and water-tight storage facility, preferably one that is monitored by 24/7 security cameras.

Storing rental equipment

When you rent laptops for your events, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of storing them securely between events. But renting event equipment doesn’t have to stop at laptops, to learn more about saving money on purchasing, storing and upgrading equipment, learn about hiring a full-service event production partner. Not to mention you’ll save plenty of additional fees by avoiding the cost of transporting the equipment yourself from venue to venue.

Stay on the cutting edge

When guests shell out their hard-earned money to attend your event, they expect to be wowed by the quality of their experience. For events that are heavy on technology, giving attendees access to the latest laptop models can be the difference between a sold-out event and falling short of sales expectations. 

With the rapid innovations in technology, the laptops you buy this year will be out of date by next year. Don’t let obsolete graphics cards, out-of-date processors, or lack of compatibility with the latest software put your event on unequal footing with the competition. When you rent laptops for your events from us, we can guarantee that you have the latest tech you need to set your event apart. Read Don’t Be a Hack to learn more about why using the latest laptops is especially important for technology-oriented events. 

Pre-loaded software

If you specialize in corporate training events or host tech camps for youth, laptops are a necessity. When you purchase laptops, you’re responsible for purchasing, installing, and updating the software on all of your laptops before each of your events–wasting valuable event planning time.

All of that time spent making sure that your software is game-day ready means less time focusing on, planning and executing the best event for your attendees. When you rent your laptops, we pre-install the software you need and test every machine before sending it out the door to you. If the software is free to download, we can acquire and install the software at no charge. For proprietary software or software that isn’t available to the public, we offer imaging services and can set up all of your devices identically with the exact configuration you provide for us. When you rent your technology from a qualified tech travel agent from Rentacomputer, you’ll always have the latest technology ready to go when and where you need it.

On-site IT support

When you purchase the laptops you need for your events, the IT and servicing of your machines is up to you and your team. If something goes wrong on your big day or if you have a massive outage, you’re left scrambling to fix the problem with your own in-house IT team (who may not have the expertise to solve the problem) or waiting on outside support–time you don’t have to waste. 

Setting up a wireless network for your large event takes careful planning and analysis. When you buy your laptops, again, the set up of that network is on you and your in-house team or outside support. When you rent your laptops from us, our event IT solutions team can help solve any issues you have with our on-site IT services. Whether you need help configuring rental equipment before your event or troubleshooting on the day of, our goal is to ensure all of your technology-related tasks are handled, allowing you to focus more on your event. Learn more about our on-site IT support services today. 

Tech rentals made easy

Do you need to rent some laptops in Las Vegas, Nevada? You’re in luck–we commonly do business in Las Vegas and the rest of the country. See a full list of our rental locations here.

Transporting event technology

When you rent from us, you not only get the best equipment, but also top-of-the-line support from qualified tech travel agents with years of experience in the event production field. Our trained technicians deliver, set up, and prepare all of your event technology rental equipment so that you and your event planner can focus on delivering the best experience to your attendees. Our agents coordinate all the logistics of delivery and installation and can have techs on call to troubleshoot and fix any problems that may arise with your rental technology. Get a quote for your event technology rental needs today.


Tech Travel Agent Tony

Are you thinking about renting a large number of laptops for a corporate event, training classes, user conference, or office shortage? Tech Travel Agent Tony Cipollone specializes in technology solutions including laptops, gaming PCs, workstations, and more for large events and in-office setups. Tony can answer any questions you have about computers and other necessary equipment, as well as the renting process. Contact Tony today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 241 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.


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