3 Ways News Outlets Use Tech Rentals During Campaign Season

News outlet using technology rentals

When you’re in the business of delivering the news, you go wherever the story takes you–and during the busy campaign season, the story can take you and your news team all over the country. Instead of purchasing and shipping expensive equipment from state to state and hoping that it arrives and is set up properly, more and more news outlets are using office technology rentals to help them achieve their goals of delivering up to the minute campaign news to voters. Here are the top 3 ways that news outlets can use tech rentals during campaign season.

Field offices

While journalists are the face of every news organization, most of the real work goes on behind the scenes. From producers and production assistants to editors and graphic artists, there’s a lot of work that goes into your campaign coverage behind the scenes that viewers never see. Give your behind the scenes staff the equipment rentals they need to get the job done. 

Even on the go, your team of producers and journalists have to keep up with writing and editing top stories. That’s why we offer the laptop rentals your media center staff need to stay on top of emerging campaign stories. We carry a large selection of laptop rental equipment from all the most trusted brands, including Dell, HP, Apple, and Lenovo. We can even help make sure that your team never misses a beat by using imaging to equip all of your laptop rentals with identical software. It’s simple: You send us the software files to load or we send you a “seed” unit to load the software onto. Our techs load the identical programs onto each of your laptop rentals – ensuring that your entire team has the tools they need to get the job done. 

With all of the data your team will use transmitting and receiving images, video, and other data, maintaining a strong and secure internet connection for your media center during campaign season is essential. Our Cradlepoint Wi-Fi hotspot rentals are able to connect up to 128 users and have a built-in failover to ensure that you never lose productivity. All of our Wi-Fi hotspot rentals come standard with unlimited data plans available from multiple carriers, including AT&T and Verizon. 

Video editing, transmission, and storage needs for your temporary newsroom can only be met by high-quality server rentals. Don’t risk missing your video submission deadlines by relying on anything but the best. Rentacomputer.com can supply short term enterprise level systems from Dell, HP, IBM, and SUN, fully configured and tested at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels. Read Office Equipment for Campaign Offices and Media Centers for more tips on what to include in your field media center. 

Go wherever the story takes you

As any news outlet veteran will tell you, the hottest news stories during campaign and election season rarely occur where you expect them. From spontaneous rallies and unplanned campaign stops to breaking candidate news stories, being able to capture video and report back to the station from anywhere is critical to helping your team get the scoop. 

iPhone rentals and Samsung smartphone rentals make it a breeze to report news stories from anywhere. With many field journalists using smartphones to record video, take photos, and even wirelessly connect to their newsrooms, mobile rental solutions give your field journalists an edge for emerging stories. 

Technology rentals ready to deliver

One man’s opinion

News outlets around the country use opinion polls in their reporting to reflect how viewers (and potential voters) think about candidates, causes, and issues. Instead of relying on online respondents, mobile rental solutions put the power of opinion polling in the hands of your field reporting team. 

For your mobile campaign news coverage, your reporters can use iPad rentals or Android tablet rentals to conduct polls in the field, ensuring that you have the latest opinion poll numbers to report to viewers. For more about using mobile rental solutions to power your viewer polls, check out Who, What, and Why of Mobile Polling Solutions. 

Need a helping hand?

Along with delivering equipment to your event or project site, our team of experienced IT professionals will make sure everything is set up to your specifications and runs smoothly. We will troubleshoot any preloaded software or network issue, ensuring event attendees have the best experience possible. No matter the size or scope of your event, we will work to provide the IT services you need to ensure all of your technology needs are met. Get a quote for your media center technology rental needs today.

Tech Travel Agent: Randy Moore


Are you thinking about a short term rental for a political opinion polling or a campaign event? You’ll have peace of mind in knowing Randy Moore has a vast experience in renting technology for political campaigns. Randy can answer any questions you have about renting iPads, kiosks, or anything you need–in any quantity, for any type of event. Contact Randy today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 225 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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