Increase Your Nonprofit Fundraising Opportunities with Event Rentals

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When planning an event for your nonprofit, getting creative with your sponsorship opportunities is essential to increasing your fundraising opportunities while also creating a better event experience for your attendees. Photo booth kiosk rentals, charging station rentals, and kiosks for checking in and way-finding may seem cost-prohibitive at first glance for many nonprofit event planners. However, using these rentals to offer additional sponsorship opportunities puts these event tech favorites within the reach of nonprofit groups. While we set the rental cost for each item, your fundraising team can set the price of sponsorship of each kiosk ensuring that your event is able to make money on the rental. Read on to learn how your nonprofit can use kiosk rentals, charging station rentals, and photo booth rentals to increase your fundraising opportunities at your next event. 

Speedy check-in

By negating the need for manual check-in and eliminating stacks of paper, check-in kiosk rentals speed up the process of getting your guests into your event faster. Not only do these kiosks allow you to get guests checked-in quickly, but they can also double as way-finding tools, helping guests locate the different areas of your event at a glance. 

All of our kiosk rentals can be fully customized with sponsorship logos of your choosing. From custom wraps to on-screen logo placement, you can offer your sponsors numerous opportunities to put their logo or slogan in front of your guests. Since each kiosk can be customized separately, your fundraising team can sell sponsorship of each kiosk separately or bundle them together for even greater return on investment. Check out Ideas for Using iPads to Increase Guest Engagment at Your Next Event to learn more about using iPad check-in kiosks at your next event. 

Power up

When attending events, guests love to take photos, post about the event on social media, and send messages to others not in attendance. All that activity can quickly drain the battery of even the newest devices. Charging station rentals let your guests recharge their devices without missing out on the action by hunting for an open outlet or charger.

With various types of charging station rentals available, your fundraising team can offer multiple levels of sponsorship to your potential benefactors. Our tabletop charging station rentals are a cost-effective option for smaller sponsors, while our full-size Flex Charging Stand allows larger donors to place their logos on a more prominent display. Learn more about our charging station rentals by reading Power Up Your Event with Charging Station Rentals. 

Charing station rentals pair well with tablet kiosks, and are great for creating branded event experiences.

Say cheese

Photo booth kiosk rentals are a popular addition to any event. Whether you’re hosting a gala to raise money for an art museum or a masquerade to raise money for cancer research, guests enjoy capturing the moment to share with posterity. Our photo booth kiosk rentals are connected to the internet to allow your guests’ photos to be instantly shared to the attendees’ and your business’ social feed.

Photo booth kiosk rentals include fully-customizable wraps that your fundraising team can utilize to increase fundraising opportunities for your event. Check out Custom Rental Packages for Your New Location Opening Event for more on integrating photo booth kiosks into your fundraising event. 

Fully customizable

Utilizing your kiosk rentals for sponsorship opportunities makes it easier than ever for sponsors to connect with event attendees. All of our kiosk rentals are fully customizable with your event’s sponsor logos. Recharge your attendees’ devices, get some great photos for your social media feed, and expand your sponsorship opportunities by talking to one of our rental agents today. can meet all of your event equipment rental needs. From social media walls and RFID printers to WiFi hotspot rentals and branded swag vending machine rentals, we have the equipment you need and our skilled technicians ensure that all of your event technology rentals are delivered and properly set up. We can even work with your venue to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with existing on-site equipment. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

Are you thinking about a kiosk, charging station, or photo booth rental? Tech Travel Agent Randy Moore specializes in event technology solutions including kiosks, tablets, and much more. Randy can answer any questions you have about the kiosk, charging station, or photo booth renting process. Contact Randy today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 225 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.



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