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No matter how much training or how many conference calls your campaign conducts, there’s too much information about the candidate, the issues, and the competition for any grassroots volunteer to remember everything. More and more campaigns are developing apps designed to put the information that volunteers need in the palm of their hands – helping them turn out the vote for you. With many apps designed to run only on a specific platform or optimized for a specific type of device, making sure that your volunteers have the right equipment is essential. Providing volunteers with tablet rentals or smartphone rentals can not only help them engage more voters and potential supporters, but it can also give you greater control over the message being delivered to your voters. 

Speak to voters

As apps continue to become an even more ubiquitous part of everyday life, it seems only natural that campaigns would start developing them to equip grassroots volunteers with the information they need when talking to voters. Volunteers are critical to the success of every campaign, but the truth is that no one can talk about your campaign the way you can–and campaign apps let your volunteers put you in front of potential voters. 

Your team spent a lot of time, money, and effort in developing your campaign ads. With the cost of TV ad buys for campaigns skyrocketing, more campaigns are relying on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to spread their ads to potential viewers. However, with the algorithms these sites use, your message may not reach everyone. 

Instead of relying on your volunteers to reproduce your message, your campaign app should include a section with all of your campaign ads. From your general message to more specific issue-focused messages, your volunteers can use their iPad rentals to let you speak directly to potential voters in your own words. You can even get instant feedback on your messages by including a brief survey after the ad. Check out: Explore Your Bid for Office with iPads and iPhones to learn more about how mobile options can help your team connect with voters. 

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For the record

Your track record says a lot about you as a candidate and your campaign. With voters becoming increasingly discerning about the people they vote for, putting your voting record in front of potential voters lets them know who they’re voting for. 

A critical component of any campaign app, your voting record should be broken up by issue for a quick, easy read. You can even include a shorthand “grade” for each issue to help voters see where your voting record stands at a glance. Your volunteers can use the app on their Samsung Galaxy smartphone rentals to help voters get a better understanding of your voting record and answer any questions they may have. To get more tips about using mobile solutions in your campaign, check out: 3 Ways News Outlets Use Tech Rentals During Campaign Season.

Region by region

All politics are local, so customizing your message by region within your campaign’s app can go a long way to helping you speak to the issues that people within the local area are most concerned about. In addition to helping you better connect with voters on a local level, regional breakdown within your app can also let your grassroots volunteers become more familiar with your local messaging and better connect with voters. 

Since your volunteers can take their rugged tablet rentals anywhere, you can connect with farmers in the field, families at the state fair, and shoppers at the farmers market. If a major incident or emerging situation develops in an area where you’re campaigning, your team can update the app in real-time and send an alert to your volunteers – putting your campaign ahead of other candidates who are scrambling to get their message in front of potential voters. Now that you’ve decided upon a tablet or smartphone rental for your campaign, learn about some of the best apps and campaign software for political canvassing.

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