Making the Most of Remote Medical Conferences 

With the increasing demands on physicians, the rising costs of travel, and taking time away from the practice or hospital, many medical professionals have begun cutting back the number of conferences they attend and hospitals have begun slashing conference attendance budgets. To balance the cost of conferences and keep their attendance numbers up, many medical conference organizers have begun offering remote attendance options. Whether your conference has decided to offer the option for virtual attendance or you’re hosting a completely remote event, here are some of the ways that laptop rentals can help you and your attendees make the most of the experience. 

Computer lab rentals

Boost attendance

Medical conferences and events play an important role in the ongoing education and training of physicians. In addition to networking and professional interaction opportunities, conferences also offer an excellent source of expanding medical knowledge, updates on the latest medical news, and tips to more efficiently treat patients. 

On the flip side, the expense of attendance, including travel expenses, food, and other related costs, time away from work, and the hassle of travel are some of the biggest reasons why many physicians have begun slashing their conference attendance. Allowing virtual or remote attendance options lets your attendees control the costs of their conference experience and cuts down on the amount of time they spend away from seeing patients. With remote attendance, attendees simply pay the conference fee and attend only the sessions they want online. Check out: Use Virtual Attendance to Grow Your Event to learn more. 

Imaging laptops

For conferences that are remote-only or mostly-remote, providing the technology needed to effectively participate in the conference can be a big draw for potential attendees. Instead of worrying about whether an attendee’s computer is compatible with your downloadable software or dealing with the hassle of IT troubleshooting on the day of your conference, providing laptop rentals to your attendees can help take a lot of the headache out of hosting a remote conference. 

We offer the latest laptop rentals from the top brands. Whether you need MacBook Pro rentals or the versatility of our Microsoft Surface Book rentals, we have the laptops to meet the needs of your conference attendees. If your remote conference will feature lots of video or rendered graphics, we recommend selecting one of our state of the art gaming laptop rentals that are designed to support your graphics needs. 

When you rent our laptops, we pre-install all of the software your remote attendees need and test every machine before sending it out the door. If the software is free to download, we can acquire and install the software at no charge. For proprietary software or software that isn’t available to the public, we offer imaging services and can set up all of your devices identically with the exact configuration you provide to us. We can even ship your laptop rentals to each attendee for you–taking the stress out of coordinating delivery. presentation services and rentals

Remote connect

Prefer to keep your equipment rentals in-house? Remote connection options allow your attendees to get almost the exact same user experience as having one of our laptops in front of them. 

Remote connection set-ups work well for medical conference planners who prefer to work in small groups, allowing more time for personalizing the experience for each group of attendees. Additionally, small group sessions allow your conference leaders the opportunity to answer more questions and address any concerns that attendees may have. 

We can deliver and install as many or as few laptops as you need for your attendees to remotely connect to during your virtual conference. You will need one laptop for each person remotely connecting. Additionally, we can provide any accessories or other equipment to help support your conference. Opting for allowing users to remotely connect to a set of laptops in your office is an excellent option for virtual conference organizers with a limited budget or who want to have greater control over their laptop rentals. 

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Server rentals

Is your network prepared to handle all of those virtual attendees? Are you willing to risk putting your own network and the reputation of your conference on the line to find out? 

With our server rentals, you can prepare for your conference without the hassle of putting your own network at risk. We offer the latest server rentals that let you focus on delivering the best virtual conference experience to your attendees without worrying about network crashes or whether your servers can support the extra workload demands. 

Let us help

Along with delivering equipment to your event or project site, our team of experienced IT professionals will make sure everything is set up to your specifications and runs smoothly. We will troubleshoot any preloaded software or network issue, ensuring event attendees have the best experience possible. No matter the size or scope of your event, we will work to provide the IT services you need to ensure all of your technology needs are met. Get a quote for your remote conference technology rental needs today.

Tech Travel Agent: Randy Moore


Are you thinking about a short term rental for a medical conference? You’ll have peace of mind in knowing Randy Moore is our medical event specialist. Randy can answer any questions you have about renting medical conference technology–in any quantity, for any type of event. Contact Randy today at 1-800-736-8772 ext. 225 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.


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