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Political campaign polling tablet rentals

When considering a run for office and during the campaign, candidates and their teams are constantly working to better understand the thoughts, motivations, and opinions of voters–and there’s no better place to do that than at campaign rallies and political party events. While political opinion polling is traditionally done on pen and paper, this method relies on respondents answering numerous questions put to them by a stranger–and depends on data entry volunteers to compile and translate all of the data later. Tablet rentals for polling are changing the game by are making the task less time-consuming and stressful. Read on to learn more about how tablet rentals make it easier for political campaign volunteers to conduct political opinion polling–and how renting tablet kiosks can be a gamechanger.

Roaming the crowd

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For campaigns with a team of volunteers ready to hit the ground at campaign rallies and party events, tablet rentals allow participants to quickly and easily enter responses to your available questions without your team members having to keep track of stacks of paper questionnaires. Our tablet rentals can even be preloaded with your voter polling software to allow you to start polling upon delivery.

For polls with more than just a few questions, our iPad Pro rentals offer a large display that makes answering dozens of questions easier. For ease of portability, iPad Mini rentals allow your volunteers to quickly conduct political opinion polls at your events. Check out: Explore Your Bid for Office with iPads and iPhones to learn more about how mobile options can help your team connect with voters. 

Self-serve options

Studies show when voters are approached directly by campaign workers or party affiliates with survey questions, they are less likely to give a true account of their opinion. Using self-serve options to conduct opinion polling allows campaigns to collect less biased opinions from those attending their party events and campaign rallies–enter iPad kiosks.

iPad kiosk rentals allow your respondents the privacy to give their true and anonymous opinion about the candidate, policy, platform, or party action. Setting up multiple iPad kiosk rentals near the entrance and exit points of your event allows attendees to participate in your opinion polls at their own pace–without pressure or unwanted attention. Read: 4 Reasons iPad Rentals are Great for Marketing and Branding to learn more about using iPad rentals in polls and marketing.

Charging station and tablet kiosk rentals for political campaigns

Offer some incentive

Sometimes getting campaign and party event attendees to participate in opinion polls is more difficult than you’d think. While paying attendees to participate in political opinion polls is frowned upon, offering some incentive can help you get a greater response rate. 

Charging station rentals can be outfitted with interactive iPad screens that allow attendees to complete political opinion polls while charging their cell phones or other mobile devices. Our charging station rentals also include a fully customizable wrap that can be printed with your campaign’s logo or other messaging. Power Up Your Event with Charging Station Rentals offers even more ideas for including charging stations in your events. 

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Fully customizable

Our kiosk rentals are all fully customizable, putting you in the driver’s seat. From kiosks to tables to lockers, you can outfit your opinion polling station with your candidate’s logo, campaign message, or other advertisements–it’s up to you. The interactive touch screen on top of the kiosk can even be used to display your social media channels or latest campaign videos. 

Rentacomputer.com can meet all of your campaign’s computer, tablet, and event equipment rental needs. From social media walls and RFID printers to WiFi hotspot rentals and iPad rentals, we have the equipment you need and our skilled technicians ensure that all of your event technology rentals are delivered and properly set up. We can even work with your venue to ensure that all of your rentals are compatible with existing on-site equipment. Get a quote for all your equipment rental needs today!

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