4 Can’t Miss Conferences and Trade Shows of Winter 2019-2020

When it comes to ongoing education with hands-on access to new technology trade shows and conferences offer those in the information technology field, computer, programming, and development fields the best way to stay up to date with the latest technology–while also getting the inside track on what’s next. Whether you want to learn more about how AI is changing the face of computing, get a first-hand look at the newest consumer tech, or join the global cloud community, here are our picks for the 4 can’t miss conferences and trade shows of winter 2019.

MIT Future Compute, December 2-3, 2019

Let’s face it, the nature of the computer industry is ever-evolving and staying up to date on the future of the industry is critical for those in IT, computer programming, and software development. Lucky for you, MIT’s Future Compute conference brings technology professionals from across the world together in Cambridge, Massachusetts to learn more about how AI, neuromorphic chips, edge computing, 5G, quantum computing, and the internet of things are driving the future of computing. Attendees can also expect to learn more about how these trends and new tech on the horizon might affect industries and open up new solutions to problems that have plagued businesses across the world. 

AWS re: Invent, December 2-6, 2019

AWS - Amazon Web Services re:Invent

With Amazon seemingly taking over the world, it’s probably no surprise that Amazon also delivers the world’s leading cloud platform. Whether you’re already an Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer or just starting to explore your options for a flexible and secure cloud computing environment, AWS re:Invent offers attendees the opportunity to attend over 750 technical sessions, participate in training and certification programs, explore what’s next at the energy hub and partner expo, and much more. Join thousands of other members of the global cloud computing community in Las Vegas to learn more about how AWS can help move your business into the future. 

AI Summit: December 11-12, 2019

AI Summit New York City

While we’ve all heard a lot about how AI will change the face of technology and business in the near future, AI Summit seeks to help attendees understand how those impacts will be felt and exactly what that AI-driven future will look like. Bringing more than 200 expert speakers and informational sessions in New York City with the assistance of partners like IBM Watson, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Intel, AI Summit explores the practical applications of AI across business sectors, ensuring that your team is prepared for an AI-powered future. 

CES, January 7-10, 2020

So it’s not technically in 2019, but it is CES! The holy of holies in the tech industry, CES serves as the main stage for what’s next in the world of consumer technologies. CES also provides up and coming tech entrepreneurs and innovators with a testing ground for new technologies. Bringing together the world’s top business leaders, pioneering thinkers, and tech insiders under one roof in Las Vegas, CES is our pick for the #1 tech conference in America. If you can only attend one conference each year, CES provides the best bang for your buck – delivering an inside glimpse at the latest tech, opportunities to interact with the latest consumer technologies, and valuable networking opportunities with tech and business leaders from across the world. 

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