On-site vs Cloud-Based Solutions for EAS Developer & User Conferences

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Whether you’re demoing your latest enterprise application software (EAS) for new or potential users or planning a developer conference, you must have the tools you need to deliver the kind of experience your attendees expect. EAS provides solutions to large scale organizations, like schools, governments, and businesses, to make the work of the organization easier. If you’re rolling out a new enterprise application software or working with developers on the next hot EAS product, the most critical decision you will make in planning and organizing your conference is whether to opt for on-site server rental and networking gear or cloud-based service. 

Take control

When you’re developing a new or demoing an existing EAS, who is physically in control of your product is of topmost importance. Whether your EAS is hosted on the cloud or stored locally, you must be able to maintain control over your product at all times.

While cloud-based solutions are often touted as the new big thing in software delivery, on-site server solutions give you more physical control over your software solutions and data throughout the conference. However, for many EAS conference organizers, the prospect of shipping a server to the conference site and setting it up once on-site is a daunting one. 

That’s where Rentacomputer comes in. Our server rental solutions allow you to take physical control over your software solutions, allowing for centralized access and file sharing across a local network of devices. Your developers or new users will be able to access and interact with your EAS in a secure, centralized environment with ease. And our technicians take care of delivery and setup of your server rentals, taking a lot of pressure off of your team. 


Keep your software secure

In addition to maintaining physical control of your software, keeping all of that data and intellectual property secure is essential. Both cloud-based and on-site server rentals offer a degree of security, but only one of these solutions can promise you full security. 

While cloud-based solutions may offer ease, they come with an increased security risk. You don’t know exactly where your data is being stored or where your software is housed, how secure it is, or how often the system is backed up. 

With on-site server rentals, you can keep all of your intellectual property secure. No third party will have access to your information unless you specifically grant permission. In addition to delivery and setup, the technicians at Rentacomputer can also preinstall your software on your server rentals upon request, or you can install your software on-site. 

Connect at will

Getting access to your software shouldn’t be a hassle, nor should it depend on whether you and your cloud-provider have internet access. While there are pros and cons to both solutions, not having reliable, unfettered access to your data and software is a dealbreaker for many EAS conference organizers. 

With cloud-based solutions, if the internet goes down on your side or your provider’s side, you won’t have access to any of your information. Unless your location has a dependable internet connection or you invest in an additional Cradlepoint Hotspot rental or Freedom WiFi hotspot rental, you may find that your access to your data may be sluggish. Even with those tools, you still can’t guarantee that your provider won’t experience an outage that could affect your event. 

With on-site server rentals, connectivity is never an issue. Your on-site server rental doesn’t rely on an internet connection for access to data or software. Your users and developers stay connected to your server rental via a network of locally connected devices. 

Opting for the cloud

For cloud-based applications and demos, Rentacomputer offers computer network rentals, including switches, routers, laptops, desktops, and internet hotspots to help your users get and stay connected throughout your conference.

cloud-based server rental with hotspot

Providing the hosting solutions you need

Simply put, on-site server rental solutions are more reliable, more secure, and allow a greater level of control for EAS development and user conferences. No matter which option you choose, cloud-based or on-site servers, Rentacomputer.com delivers the solutions you need to meet the demands of your conference attendees.

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