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Allowing animators, engineers, medical software developers, and architects to recreate the way that light works in the real world, ray tracing technology gives users the power to create photo-realistic graphics in real-time. From pinpointing the exact defects in a malformed human heart to allowing design engineers to create realistic simulations of products before production ever begins, the applications of RTX go far beyond the game development and photo editing niches they were developed for. Here’s a look at how our RTX-equipped desktop rentals can help meet the needs of your next project, no matter what industry you’re in. 

Medicine reimagined

The traditional CT scan provides a flat, limited view of organs or an injury. RTX allows medical professionals to render 3D images in real-time that can be viewed from any angle – allowing for more precise medical decisions to be made. 

More than just imaging organs, researchers are also exploring the applications of RTX software in the improvement of ultrasounds and diagnosing foreign body injuries. RTX ultrasounds allow physicians to diagnose birth defects in-utero and develop medical treatment plans earlier. Additionally, that same ultrasound technology can allow doctors to visualize organ injuries, detect early warning signs of appendicitis, and other critical situations. In emergencies, doctors can also use RTX ultrasounds to diagnose foreign body injuries, such as knife or bullet wounds. 

Our Alienware Aurora R8 desktop rentals allow medical conference organizers, medical researchers, and medical software developers to create the future of medicine using RTX imaging. Our Aurora R8 rentals can be fully customized with up to an i9-9900K CPU, 64GB of RAM, 2TB SSD with a 2TB hard drive, and dual-Nvidia RTX 2080Ti GPUs. Check out: Going Under the Virtual Knife to learn more about how technology and medicine are working together to create better outcomes for patients. 

Video editing


When you need to perform complex video and image processing such as color correction, sharpening, unsampling, and transition effects, Nvidia’s RTX GPUs are second to none. Combining power, performance, and speed, Nvidia’s line of ray tracing-enabled GPUs is one tool that no editor should be without. 

RTX GPUs are powerful enough to deliver the speed and performance to handle even the largest, most resource-intensive video files. Whether you’re editing a commercial or the next summer blockbuster, our RTX GPUs harness the power and performance to meet your project needs. Check out: Ray Tracing Goes Beyond Gaming to learn about other uses of RTX technology. 

Engineering the impossible

Nvidia Quadro RTX-equipped desktop rentals allow design professionals to work smarter, not harder. Specially designed for engineering professionals, these workhorses are built on Turing architecture that is breaking the rules of what is and isn’t possible. 

With dedicated cores for ray tracing and artificial intelligence (AI) tasks, Quadro RTX GPUs make life a lot simpler and work a lot faster for engineers. The RT cores are dedicated to ray-tracing and handle computations at rates up to 10 Giga rays per second, that’s up to 25x faster than the older Pascal architecture. Able to handle math-intensive computations at up to 500 trillion operations per second, the Tensor cores make AI tasks like deep learning training and inferencing a breeze. 

RTX-equipped gaming


When it comes to gaming, nothing compares to Alienware’s Aurora R8. Designed to accommodate up to two graphics cards, the Aurora R8 delivers unsurpassed gaming performance for serious gamers.

If you need RTX-equipped gaming desktop rentals for your next gaming tournament, sports event, or even for your next Hollywood post-production video project, the powerful Intel Core i9 processor and dual-RTX 2080 GPUs of our Alienware Aurora R8 rentals pack power and performance in a sleek, out of this world design. Able to handle even the most demanding, resource-intensive games, the Aurora R8 is the top choice for gaming tournaments and events. 

Get the latest tech for your project

Our RTX-equipped desktop and laptop rentals feature the latest graphics cards capable of keeping up with even the most demanding games, medical software, video editing needs, or engineering software. With service in over 1000 cities worldwide, Rentacomputer.com offers desktop, laptop, and other office equipment rentals to meet the needs of your next event, conference, or project. Get a quote for all of your RTX-equipped desktop or laptop rental needs today!

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