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Here’s a quick summary of an article about keeping trade show expenses under control.

1. Map out all of your costs. Here are the average amounts you can expect to spend on various trade show expenditures.

  • Booth Space and Contents – 51%
  • Personnel, Travel, Lodging, Meals – 18%
  • Electricity, WiFi, Drayage – 12%
  • Technology Rentals (11%)
  • Marketing, Collateral, and Giveaways (8%)

2. Set up your budget by asking vendors for ballpark estimates. Most suppliers welcome this opportunity and will explain what you can afford under your budget.

3. Minimize overtime, especially if the venue has a union. In your contract, the union’s role at the trade show will be explained–as well as which hours and days are within standard billing rates, plan accordingly.

4. Use Social Media and free tools to get the word out

5. Rent Equipment. Through the rental process, you’ll save time and money on setup, shipping, storage, and wear and tear to your equipment. *Rentacomputer can recommend equipment, configure your equipment to your specifications, set up their technology at your location, and put the latest and most up-to-date technology in your hands.

6. Don’t always rely on preferred vendors. Unless you’re required in your contract by the venue, you aren’t required to use the convention center’s vendors. It’s important to get at least one other quote from an outside vendor or a provider you’ve used before.

7. Get rid of paper and promotional items.

8. Take advantage of early-bird rates.

9. Reduce the size of your booth.

10. Double-check your invoices against the agreements. Often billing mistakes can be made, especially for large events and trade shows.

By closely following these 10 tips, you have a great opportunity to keep y our budget intact, enjoy the trade show, and collect valuable leads!

This content was originally published on Trade Show News Network. To read the full article: 10 Tips To Tame Your Trade Show Budget.


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