Server Rentals are not All the Same (Cloud vs. Physical)

Your company wants to rent a server for a short period to migrate operating systems, test apps, or consolidate projects. Chances are if you Google “server rentals near me,” the first several entries will encompass cloud-based offerings. Some may be tempted to take that course of action, but consider taking the time to learn more about what a physical server rental option has to offer.

Cloud Server

Usually accessed through a management portal, a cloud server spreads your data over multiple servers in remote locations. Data is saved every few seconds, and you can increase or decrease the storage required with a few keystrokes. Many clients may be on the same server, which can slow down access and increase your data’s vulnerability.

Physical Server

physical server is a dedicated server that resides at your location. Its configuration is customized for your particular use with lots of customization options before the rental company ships it out.
Additional hardware options, such as dedicated firewalls, routers, and switches, are also available. System administrators can direct the rental company to configure the server to their exact needs, including making sure it ships with the amount of processing power, RAM, and storage, needed to handle your expected workload.
It is, by far, the most secure platform you have due to its physical location and the limited number of individuals that may have access to it. On the flip side, physical servers are vulnerable to catastrophic events (i.e., fires or floods). When a server is in your physical possession, you are responsible for making sure it’s both physically secure and that your data is backed up.

cloud vs. physical server rentals

Which Server is Right for Your Organization?

It comes down to the three “Ps” – project, people, and pricing. Here’s a summary table comparing the six components to look at when choosing the right solution for any organization.

Feature Cloud Physical
Migration within one location
Migration to multiple locations
Administration Options
IT Independent Operations

Other Server Considerations

Do you anticipate a need to scale storage requirements up or down quickly? The cloud option allows you to only pay for the storage you need when you need it. Storage charges can be handled at the user level if they have that authority.
Do you need a secure, consistent platform with full local control? Then a dedicated server that you have full admin rights to, all the way down to the BIOS, is right for you. Physical servers are exceptionally reliable.
Do you need a unique hardware configuration to work with your current network setup? Physical servers win out again.
Do you have an IT person in charge of all network and security aspects? The solution can be a tossup.
If the answer is no, the cloud may seem like the obvious choice. As cloud systems are not as secure as physical servers, who will be monitoring the system for data breaches? You may need to layer on a cybersecurity monitoring solution if you go by way of the cloud.
If the answer is yes, the rental organization can work with the IT department to ensure the servers have the right security level when we deliver the systems to your door. has Server Rentals

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