The North American Events Industry has issued its own Red Alert

#RedAlertRESTART - support the events industry

September 1, 9 p.m.

The time and date that the 12 million people involved in planning, developing, marketing, working, and attending events all band together in North America to show support for the industry that has nearly ground to a halt since March 2020.

‘#RedAlertRESTART’ Photos and Testimonials

Check back here after 9/1 to see photos of the #RedAlertRESTART around North America and hear testimonials from businesses who support #WeMakeEvents!

Affected Workers and Businesses

Support for the Live Events sector has never been more critical, as theaters, convention centers, trade shows, festivals, concert tours, opera houses, and other live events remain shut down or are open on a minimal basis. The global shutdown results in millions of workers without work and thousands of businesses losing their primary income source. From stagehands to designers, technicians, programmers, rental shops, manufacturers, distributors of technology — and everyone in between — the entire industry has been impacted and needs your support to recover.

The hospitality industry’s live events sector includes a vast supply chain ranging from production, audio, lighting, video, to logistics, planning, transportation, and some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers.

‘#RedAlert’ Success in the U.K.

The #RedAlertRESTART comes on the heels of the August 11 #WeMakeEvents #LightItInRed Red Alert Day of Action in the U.K., when over 700 buildings were lit in red across the U.K. to call attention to the plight of those involved in the hospitality industry.

Are you interested in reading more about the #RedAlert campaign in the UK? Check out ‘Red Alert’ Campaign for the Events Industry – Is the US Next?

‘#WeMakeEvents’ Draws Support from High Profile Celebrities and Mores the buildings light up across the country, the thousands of people following this event on social media—4,000 followers and 625,000 people reached— are invited to watch RED ALERT LIVE, which will stream live from 9pm-1am Eastern time on Facebook at; and on YouTube at

Some of the biggest names the entertainment industry has to offer have voiced their support for the #RedAlertRESTART by sharing their plight in the events industry amid the global shutdown. From Alice Cooper to Barry Manilow, check out some of these testimonials from some famous familiar voices:

We will keep this list updated as more high profile people involved in the live events industry show their support.

How to show your support

Without your support, the financial loss, economic hardship, and challenging business decisions that these companies and workers in the events industry have had to make in these difficult times will have all been for nothing.

One of the best ways you can show support for the Events Industry, and it’s affected workers is to write to congress. Tell congress about your unique perspective on how the live events industry is suffering, whether you’re a company owner, employee, small business, freelancer, or live events lover. Our formal collective action will help amplify the industry’s voice and strengthen our sector’s chance to survive the crisis. has provided a widget, near the middle of their homepage, for the Action Network to easily send a letter to congress to save the live events workers and industry: You can also go to and “demand the Senate and the White House extend the $600 in full and pass Comprehensive Pandemic Relief Legislation for all immediately. You can see ExtendPUA’s full mission here as well.

You can also help share your experiences with your favorite live events in the past by sharing photos of you or the event — with a red filter. You can easily add a red filter to your photo here: We also encourage you to check out the #RedAlertRESTART hashtag and share/R.T. images of venues and live events workers you love.

Other hashtags you can use to show your support: #ExtendPUA, #WeMakeEvents, #SaveOurStages

‘#RedAlertRESTART’ locations

Some of the most popular event destinations in North America will be lighting their event venues, businesses, homes, and other monuments in red on September 1 to show support for their industry. Some of the biggest cities involved include Washington D.C., Honolulu, Huntsville, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Orlando, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, New Orleans, Boston, Baltimore, Las Vegas, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Nashville, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Boulder, Fayetteville, Lexington, Louisville, and in Canada — Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Wasn’t the hospitality industry already bailed out?

Short answer: Not really.

Long Answer: Although some of the businesses involved in the events industry received 1 round of the PPP program, it only helped affected employees and businesses for about eight weeks and still leaves freelancers/subcontractors/gig workers without any bailout money or income and small businesses without enough cash flow to support their usually booming businesses.

An Unprecedented Setback

For the last 50 years, the events industry’s economy has relied heavily on professional collaboration, information exchange, and communication on a national and international level. In the past, millions of business leaders would meet every day to learn and collaborate across their field of expertise. In 2020, the annual average of 1.9 million meetings with 251 million participants and attendees looks like a distant memory.

Why is advocating for the events industry bailout?

Since 1987, has been heavily involved in the events industry, assisting businesses around the world with technology for conventions, trade shows, business events, concerts, expos, meetings, exhibitions, and more.

Amid the pandemic, our normally reliable repeat-customer base has all but dried up. That means our company is missing out on hundreds of events and millions of dollars worth of potential profit. Optimistic recovery time would set our company back at least two years.

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