Cleveland I-X closing highlights the importance of the Red Alert RESTART

Without government relief soon, the face of the events industry could change forever. The events industry shutdown created by the COVID-19 pandemic has caused 96% of companies to cut staff and/or wages, 77% of entertainment workers to lose all of their income, and communities everywhere struggling to find the support necessary to stay afloat. The 2 million workers involved putting on shows and events for you year-round are calling for your support one last time.


Small businesses, venues, and freelance workers can’t wait much longer. Keep reading to learn why it is so important that our voices are heard by our government.

I-X Center shuts down for good

Cleveland’s International Exposition Center (I-X Center), a convention and exhibition hall that has hosted major events in the city for the last 35 years, announced on Wednesday, September 16th that they would be closing their doors for good due to the coronavirus epidemic. According to I-X Center Corp., a company that operates the city-owned facility, “The global pandemic has decimated the events industry…and ultimately led to this decision.”

The closure of the 2.2-million-square-foot facility is expected to put at least 176 employees out of work, according to information filed with the state of Ohio. “Ultimately, if the I-X Center doesn’t reopen, I’m unsure if events could continue in the city,” said Tom Baugh, the CEO of MarketPlace Events, which organizes the Great Big Home and Garden Show and the Cleveland Home Remodeling Expo held annually at the I-X Center. He continued to say, “the I-X center is one of the best two or three consumer venues in North America. I think people take that for granted.”
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Small and Medium Businesses

S.3814 – RESTART Act is struggling for attention in Congress; if this isn’t approved on September 30th by our legislators, many businesses and professionals who create events around the continent might not make it until January.

Over 8,700 small business owners have written to their respective Congressional leaders in support of the RESTART Act. Keep reading to find out how you can too!

While the Paycheck Protection Program provided some relief for SMBs, many have argued that the uncertainty surrounding the ongoing pandemic calls for more extended, more sustained, and flexible assistance.

Many of these companies and their respective employees have spent their entire reserves over the last six months, and can’t afford to wait any longer without government support.

Freelance Workers

PUA is set to expire at the end of the year, which could leave nearly half of workers collecting unemployment benefits due to the coronavirus pandemic. The March CARES Act provided up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits to those who are not usually eligible for regular state aid but lost work through no fault of their own due to the coronavirus shutdown. In mid-August, nearly 30 million Americans were collecting unemployment benefits, including 13.5 million workers claiming PUA. 

Because the HEROES Act failed to pass the Senate in May, all unemployment enhancements are set to expire at the end of December 2020. Unless Congress acts to pass a new stimulus package, only workers traditionally qualified for unemployment benefits can continue to receive aid in 2021. was created to ask for empathy, leadership, and assistance from the American Government during the global pandemic. 

Together as an industry, we ask that the plight of all of the workers and businesses involved in the hospitality industry during the worldwide shutdown don’t go unnoticed.

What Can I Do To Help?

“What we do today, until we are back, that’s what matters.”

If you saw a local business, theater, events center, or other venue illuminated in RED on September 1st, you have seen the result of the combined efforts of everyone in the industry coming together to support each other. But what can you do now?

The #RedAlertRESTART campaign is not asking for donations. All that we ask is that you lend us your voice; here’s how you can help:

Write to your Senators on our behalf, urging them to pass a comprehensive relief bill NOW that includes the RESTART Act and an extension and expansion of PUA and FPUC.

-Post photos of your personal experience with an event: a trade show, concert, expo, exhibition. Make sure to tag your local Representatives and Senators, venue, and @WeMakeEventsNorthAmerica (Facebook) @WeMakeEvents_NA (Twitter). Don’t forget to use these hashtags: #TheTimeIsNow #WeMakeEvents #RedAlertRESTART #ExtendPUA #DoNotAbandonUs #TheTimeIsNOW.

-Educate yourself about the events industry’s plight, including over 2 million workers and businesses in North America without income.

-Support companies and workers in the events industry by using their services for events that haven’t been canceled due to the pandemic.

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Response from Ohio Senators —

Rob Portman – RED Alert RESTART has worked with numerous companies during the global events industry shutdown to raise awareness of the economic plight of all of those who work in the live events industry in this difficult time. supports the events industry #RedAlertRESTART


Our History with Cleveland I-X

Since 1987, has been a trusted supplier to businesses and organizations involved in the events industry around the world with conventions, trade shows, business events, concerts, expos, meetings, exhibitions, and more.

In 2016, we supplied numerous companies taking part in press tours at I-X with computers, laptops, and other equipment.

NBC also requested our services in 2016 for the Republican National Convention at Cleveland I-X. We also provided the National Broadcasting Company with on-site technicians to take care of any necessary quick-fixes that commonly arise with copiers and other technology.

Amid the pandemic, our normally reliable repeat-customer base has all but dried up. That means our company is missing out on hundreds of events and millions of dollars worth of potential profit. You are not alone.

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How to restart unemployment benefits if your workplace remains closed

If a worker is eligible for traditional unemployment insurance but was enrolled in PEUC or PUA for additional weeks of aid, they may be able to tap a new window of extended benefits offered by their state, ranging from six to 20 additional weeks, come January. Every state except Idaho and South Dakota is currently offering a period of extended benefits. CNBC

Exhibitor Services and Rentals for The Events Industry

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